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bad chest pains and A/E

yesterday i took a few doses of quit mist (giving up smoking)

started getting chest pains every few minutes lasting a few seconds

tried ignoring them but they got worse so went to A/E

had ecg, nurse attempted to get blood which wasnt easy had another ecg, dr came and asked what was wrong

went in waiting room for blood results

dr called me in and said good news (a weight from my shoulders)

ecg and bloods were good and i was diagnosed acid reflux and told to take gaviscon and sent home

had a bad nights sleep as the pain kept coming and going

they was i described it was a lump of food stuck in my chest and i needed to burp

any advice on what to take for acid reflux as this really did scare me

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Mandy72, first I am sorry you had to go to the A&E.

Just to say - i am not in the least medically qualified but are they absolutely positive you have 'high acid' ? The reason I am asking is - that if hypo more probably we have low acid - symptoms are more or less identical and a majority of us have to provide acid either with apple cider vinegar mixed with juice or water or digestive enzymes.

This is a past post:



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Chest pain is listed as a possible side effect:


As well as many other possible side effects.

Doesn't make it any less unpleasant that it is known.


Im glad you are ok, but if it does carry on be sure to get further testing done, endoscopy etc, i have a hiatus hernia with acid reflux and the pain is horrid, docs do tend to put everything down to acid reflux or a virus and please dont take ppi's (omprazole etc) they can lead to so many other problems, avoid anything spicy hot, acidic, too fatty and dont go long periods without food it all helps.xx

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From personal experience if you have any type of acid reflux quit mist and the various nicotine replacements can agrievate the problem.


When we quit smoking it can change Thyroid levels, sometimes dramatically.

GP should test more frequently


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Hi mandy72

What an unpleasant experience for you.

If your reflux is bad lying down try and prop yourself up with more pillows in bed. My OH had it dreadfully in the past and we propped the head end of the bed on bricks which helped prevent the stomach acid irritating his oesophagus.......and he only needed 2 pillows rather than 3 which was a bit uncomfortable.

Oh and good luck giving up smoking..........I promise you it's SO worth it. :) I never got on with patches, gum etc. and got a bit fed up with it after 4-5 days and just took it one day at a time and try not to overthink it. Sometimes I would think "wow I would love to have a ciggy", especially after a good meal or with a glass of wine but I think I shocked myself at how quickly even those thoughts went away. I knew I had fully beaten it when I would walk past smokers and go "urgghhh". :D that happened about 3-4 months later.

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Apples are very good for acid reflux.


Hi Mandy72, feel so bad reading about what you went thru. You are a trooper! I'd like to recommend learning what Dr.SaraGottfried's protocols do . I have reduced by half my thyroid antibodies & lost weight but I know that low stomach acid ( heartburn ) can be treated drinking daily water w lemon squeezed into it ( its part of her protocol. And the guys at SCD Lifestyle explain it well. Take a look😊 Hugs🌺



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PS. Here is something extra too- I was shocked when I learned about it & when I got tested , I am DOUBLE sensitive to casein than I am to gluten ( its still a no no for me)


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I have that. Sometimes u feel like ur gonna have a heartattack. U can get meds from ur doctor. I take a store brand for mine.


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