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A/E last night

felt off yesterday, fast pulse, sick, shakes

thought dehydration so drank lots

realy thirsty, lots of peeing

pulse didnt drop from 90+

called 111 9pm go old to go to A/E

get there was seen straight away

ECG set up

lots of bloods taken

heart rate 100+ got told i was right to go in

bloods show no heart attack but infection, dr said flu

i mentioned adrenals but it was brushed off

allso told losing weight would help

i told her easier said that done as i have no get up and go

allso hypo dont get fast pulse theirs should be 60-70

sent home after 2 hours nothing to slow pulse so i tried sleeping with a pulse of 90 not good

told lots to eat and drink and rest

i dont have flu so not sure what infection they picked up

today pulse is high 70

allso notice blood pressure was low...80/ ?

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Mandy, I'm sorry you felt so unwell you had to go to A&E and hope you are feeling better now. Hypothyroid patients do get elevated heart rate and pulse at times. If you haven't had thyroid bloods tested recently it may be an idea to check that you aren't overmedicated. I think GPs are notified of A&E attendances so you might check in a week or so whether the report says flu or some other virus.


TSH 10 just under 2 weeks ago dr wants me to take 3 grains but im barely managing 2 1/4 grains at moment, before blood results i was on 2 1/2 grains


Mandy, you may have to take it slower than your doctor would like. Have adrenals been checked? Long time hypothyroidism can affect adrenals and make it difficult to cope with thyroid replacement doses needed to bring TSH low.


cortisol blood test a year ago bottom end of range

i said about adrenals to dr and he said my body is producing cortisol and my sodium and potassium are both ok

i cant afford to get saliva test

i mentioned adrenals at the hospital but nothing really was said


Mandy, I'm not knowledgeable about cortisol/adrenals and outside of Addison's and Cushing's I don't think many doctors are.

Post a question asking whether members think Nutri-Adrenal may help.


i take thorne adrenal cortex


Mandy, perhaps check whether you are taking enough/too much and how long you should be taking it in case that's causing elevated heart/pulse rates.


only on 1 a day as i was getting headaches

but can take up to 3 a day


Mandy, I don't have experience of taking them which is why I suggested you ask other members to get their views.


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