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A/E yesterday

sorry i did update my post yesterday with this but not sure if anyone seen or not so reposting

Oh boy had a fun day in A\E heart been racing seen dr for emergency ecg this morning and referred A/E for further tests tonnes of bloods taken and a few ecg's and chest x ray later they tell me im over weight which is causing breathlessness my thyroid is causing palapatations so been told to lose weight and give up smoking. Chatted with dr about the weight and she said as long as my thyroid is out of whack i cant do anything but once it levels out i can start to lose it. Need lung function test done and see a diatitian allso may have sleep apena along with carbohydrates intolerance......the reason for all the fuss was prolonged QT i looked on google to see what it was and came across this

Due to pathological conditions

Hypothyroidism, a condition of low function of the thyroid gland, can give QT prolongation at the electrocardiogram. Acute hypocalcemia causes prolongation of the QT interval, which may lead to ventricular dysrhythmias.

A shortened QT can be associated with hypercalcemia.[20]

i was a wreck on way to hospital and broke down in the hospital.........all because of my thyroid

heres where i got the info from

my heart is still racing today i have no appetite allthough forced myself to eat dinner but felt ill after and my breathing is still off.....calling dr monday to see if she will up dose by 25mcg so hopefully can pick them up too as only have 50mcg here

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Hi Many, I hope you are feeling a little better. Are you seeing a really good Endo? You need to, I would also find a really good cardiologist that specialises in rhythms, a large teaching hospital.Do not rely on GP`s choice, find them then ask for a referral. Have you had a recent TSH, T4 and essential FT3 done, ask for a print out with ranges.I have long Q. T. and lots of other heart problems. Please make sure you see a really good consultant.A and E is too general, even if you saw a brillkant A and E consultant. You also quite urgently need a 24 hour, or better still a 7 day heart monitor. A lot of things cannot be picked up on ECG `s etc as the conditions often are intermittent. GP can arrange or if referral a cardio will automatically do this.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie ive not been referred to anyone

while in A/E i did see a cardio specialist who was the one who said i needed to lose weight and give up smoking

ive not really felt right since

was awake all night with breathing and it was worse while i was trying to sleep blood oxygen levels were at 2-5 after having eyes shut a few minutes levels are ok now .....i was like i stopped breathing for a few seconds which startled me into waking

i felt they thought i was faking as i had no pains what so ever in the chest

tsh is at 5 dont think others were tested on 50mcg levothyroxine


Gosh Mandy I hope you start to feel better soon. Heart racing is a horrible feeling. I used to get that and skipped heartbeats a lot. Before getting treatment for hypothyroid I was very very breathless a lot of the time and I think that the thyroid is possibly the cause of yours even tho the docs are trying to attribute it to weight. Has it been getting worse over a period of time? Mine got worse over months to the point I was gasping if I walked to the top of the stairs but I am loads better now that the thyroid is being treated. Are you propped up in bed using about 3-4 pillows so you're almost upright? It helps a lot with trying to breathe!


i been complaining of breathlessness for about a year each time its because im overweight and smoke ive tried quitting smoking so many times i have failed but this time as soon as im out of cigs thats it im quitting so possibly tomorrow YIKES i had a bad breathing spell in may when i went to A/E told i was fat and a smoker ive complained to the dr's a dozen times to be told the same old story this time my breathing is worse to to the point im stopping breathing just before i fall asleep i have 4 pillows so allmost sat upright and that just didnt do it last night and my blood oxygen is all over the place today anywhere between 91 and 98 i occaisionally get a 99 i dread to think what the levels are after ive walked up the stairs as i sound like ive just done a 10 mile run heart rate is stable today my throat feels like its closing in or really blocked with crap from the cough ive had ive had a feel around throat are and cant feel anything out of the ordinary so dont think its my thyroid im hoping to get through tonight without a trip to A/E and see dr tomorrow and hopefully can give me something to help me breath as its getting quite scarey now and an adjustment to levothyroxine.....looks like another sleepless night for me (was up all last night)


Have you tried e cigs? I struggled to give up and had mild/moderate COPD. Not a perfect solution but worked for me when nothing else did. They're also much cheaper than tobacco cigs. Not sure what my COPD status is now but feel fitter and there is no tar.

Hope you feel better soon.


i had an e cig a few years ago but it didnt satisfy me at all and i was constantly puffing away on it but i did do well until my mums first anniversary came and i started smoking going cold turkey this time


Forgive me for being "thick" - I'm sure its quite obvious - but can you tell me what is QT? Thanks, Sheila


this is the one i have


seen dr again today he dont want to adjust thyroid meds at the moment as he wants to sort heart and breathing out first as a higher dose could raise my heart rate

i see respitory nurse tomorrow for lung function test which will be bad as my peak flow meter reading is lucky to get to 350 dr suspects either asthma or copd but will find out more tomorrow he is drawing a plan of treatment for after test tomorrow i allso have to take inhalor i was given a week or so ago so the nurse can do a before and after test


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