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Comments re Dr S P at Gloucester Royal Anyone??


I am supposed to have been referred to Dr T M at Gloucester Royal to discuss a prescription for T3 as my FT3 is bottom range with OK FT4 and suppressed TSH. Appointment has come through as Dr S P - more a diabetes specialist it seems - and changing it means waiting 12 weeks+ not 10 weeks.

If anyone has any comments about either consultant please private message me.

I can see me ending up going private again.



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Hi. I hope you got the information you were looking for. If not, maybe try posting again to see if someone is around who can help.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn,

Yes thank you I did.

A lovely lady relayed her experience to me..... keeping NHS appt (though changing to chosen endo) but going to the private endo this week as cannot wait that long.

Thank you for taking the time to ask.



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