Can you tell me what Dr S does for patients who have exhausted adrenals and are hypothyroid please? Has anyone any experience?

Asking on behalf of my partner who has already seen one, well actually two private Drs but one just isn't worth mentioning but the other one she thought was lovely and was from the recommended list which she asked for from Thyroid UK. She doesn't seem to be getting any better with the current treatment protocol and we are thinking about seeing Dr S as she has been ill and untreated and undiagnosed for a long time as was told it was M.E. We know she needs T3 from her results and from her diagnosis with private dr.

Cheers guys

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  • Dr S believes that the adrenals recover when you get to appropriate dose of thyroid hormone.

    Dr P deals first with the adrenals.

  • I believe that in serious cases of adrenal exhaustion, then Dr S perscribes steroids. Not sure how serious this has to be though.

  • I've seen Dr P and Dr S. Dr Skinner wouldn't trial me on hydrocortisone cos my GP wouldn't do a serum cortisol blood test. I went back to Dr P. My ASI from last year shows my adrenals are fine. But Dr P agreed I was worse than when I first saw him and that my symptoms are adrenal so told me to try Cortef. 3 weeks on Cortef and I feel better than I've felt in the last year! I was worried about weight gain but a week ago went Paleo and I've lost 8lbs.

    I would see Dr P. I've also seen Dr Myhill due to silicone implant allergy and she is a star, she has a great website too.

  • Do you take Cortef with your thyroid meds Gemmac? Or did you start it before you started with thyroid meds.

    I am thinking about trying Cortef. I am not doing too well so far on ERFA alone.

  • Hi edysia, I take cortef alone. Stopped all thyroid meds and re starting t3 again in a few weeks. I have been on cortef about 3-4 weeks.

  • Thank you Gemmac xxx

    What dose do you take ? Are you feeling better now?

  • I started on 5mg now I'm upto 17.5 and will stop at 20mg. I feel better than I did, but still a long way to get to 100%. I pay about £45 a mth for it and at the moment its worth this. I was so scared of weight gain but I'm now doing paleo and low carb and the weight is dropping!

  • Thank you xx

  • Can I ask why her GP will not prescribe T3? Has she been referred by her Gp to see an endo?

  • I am dr S patient. Dr S would treat only Addison Disease( extreme form of adrenal insufficiency). He doesn't believe in treating adrenal exhaustion separately as he thinks that once you start thyroid medications adrenals will heal themselves.

    Hope this helps

    E xx

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