T3 all down at once as Dr S instructed!

I started on 10 mcg of t3 along with t4 which was increased to 20 when I couldn't stay awake! Dr Skinner increased it gradually up to 60 and said to take it all down at once but as I read more about t3 I decided to do 3/4 doses a day instead. It seemed to make sense that as your body made t3 as and when it was needed to take it gradually throughout the day! I didn't do as well as I thought I would do - when I first started t3 it made so much difference that I thought I would go from strength to strength once I was on enough. When I didn't seem to get as well as I'd hoped just around the time dr Skinner died I re thought what he'd told me and decided to try all down at once! I must say that it has made a big difference for me! I feel so much better that at last I can say I am on the road to recovery after so many years. Thanks dr Skinner! I am so glad I met you!

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And what a travesty that other thyroid sufferers that wanted or need his unique style of treatment will no longer be able to access it.

Moggie x

Great to hear you're doing well. May I ask how much T4 you take? Thanks.

I found I became a bit hyper when i started all at once on 60 t3 and 100 t4 and as I buy t3 I am in the process of gradually increasing t4,now 150, and decreasing t3, now 40.

Thanks. I'm on T3 only but am considering adding NDT or T4.

Jeans, It is so good to read of success. Although many are at their best splitting T3 throughout the day, I think the late Dr. Skinner treated us as Individuals, and that is why you are feeling so much better, now you are going by his recommendations for You. I wish you well, long may it continue.

I liked taking it all at once because I didn't seem to have all the ebb and flow as I did on a split dose, but it only took a couple of days to feel a bit hyper. I think I must use it more efficiently or something when I take it at once. I can't seem to reduce my t4 at all so I'm back to taking t3 in two doses - three quarters of it in the morning and the last quarter in the afternoon (and sometimes even a little extra if I feel I need it).

Glad to hear you've found something that works for you!

Hi Jeans and Puncturedbicycle can I ask how much T4 you are taking?

I'm about to add 25mcg T3 to my T4, which I'm dropping by 50 (from 150 to 100).. A bit scary but I'm driven to it after 30 years of hypo unwellness!

Best wishes

Jayne xx

At the moment I'm on 75mcg t4 and 25 t3. I used to be on more (and needed it) but I had a lot of wobble - hypo to hyper to hypo - so there has been tweaking.

When I first started t3 (in April I think) I was on 150 t4 and added first 5, then 10, then 15 t3 etc over time. I was worried about how it might affect me - thus the 5mcg start - but I had no problems at all. Began to feel pretty good, the oedema just dropped off around the 10mcg stage and I progressively felt more energetic and cheerful. At some stage I reduced the t4 to 125 and that was my dose for about four months.

Good luck. I never felt well on t4 alone but I get a bit of spark from the t3.

Now on 150 t4 and down to 40 t3 as it worked better for me all at once but have increased t4 as my blood test for t4 was mid range

As you are dropping 50mcg of T4, maybe adding 25mcg of T3 initially may be a little too much, i.e. 20mcg of T3 equals about 100mcg levo.

Maybe drop 50mcg T4 and add 12.5mcg T3 (half tablet) to see how you get on, then drop another 50mcg T4 about 6 weeks later and then take the whole 25mcg T3. If it is possible, get your GP to do a blood test before you begin the T3 and at the end of each 6 weeks.

Thanks Shaws will follow your advice, especially as I have no idea what it will do and I need to keep working.

I have a lab request form so will get that done first.....waited 30 years for this what's a little while longer?!

Will let folks know how I go.

Jayne xx

Do NOT take medication before you have your blood tests, always take it afterwards.

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