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I have very high anti TPO antibodies for many years now. My MD said there is no medication and nothing I can do to eliminate the anti TPO. My MD said these anti-TPO antibodies are bad and they will attack my thyroid so may cause Hypothyroidism, graves or Hashimoto's disease. So I had to do these Endocrinology test every six months. Well for many years my TSH, Free T4 and FreeT3 has been within range, until the last test result came in that my Free T4 Thyroxine was low. I am very concern and wonder if anyone else has the same problem and if there is a solution to eliminate these anit TPO inside me?

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  • Hi and Welcome.... You have not mentioned if you are taking medication for the thyroid. I suspect not. It would also be helpful to post your blood results with ranges.

    It seems few Docs understand auto-immune conditions - it is minefield and we are mostly left to read and learn for ourselves. If your TPO is over range then you do have Hashimotos and treatment should commence - if only to support the thyroid whilst under attack.

    When I was diagnosed in 2005 - the FT4 and FT3 were in range also the TSH - however the TPO was raised and so treatment commenced.

    Healing the gut is important for auto-immunity - which will enable you to absorb the nutrients from food - and any vitamins and minerals you are taking.

    Going gluten free can help many people reduce anti-bodies. Look at the right side of this page and click onto Hashimotos - under the heading Topics. Over a 1000 posts where you will find loads of links/books/websites about the topic of Hashimotos....

    It is also very important to know your levels of B12 - VitD - Ferritin - Folate - these need to be optimal to feel well.

    It can be helpful if you complete your profile with information so you do not have to keep repeating the basics....and for the readers to be better informed when they reply.... :-)

    With Hashimotos you can swing between being Hypo and Hyper until the thyroid fails...

  • hi marz I didn't realize you go hy to lo an dthen it goes whata thought -dreadful. I thinkmines gone a s i feel awful

  • ...sorry to read you are feeling so awful. Just be kind and gentle to yourself... :-)

  • Hi Marz, thanks for your advice. I agreed with you that healing the gut is important, but how do we do that? By going Gluten Free? What treatment commented in 2005 when you learned you had Hashi? I have completed my profile. My MD has not prescribe any medication yet. Unfortunately I don't think my doctor tested my B12, Vitamin D, Ferritin or Folate. Per my update on my profile, I had high anti TPO antibodies since 2008 and I wish I had done some research then before it effected my Free T4 now. Well, you see my Dr told me these antibodies has not effected my T3,T4 or TSH yet so I didn't have to worry. Are you saying anyone with positive anti TPO positive for sure has Hashi?

  • Your MD may need to read up on TPO antbodies. As I understand, TPOab do not do any attacking.

    High titers of antibody against thyroglobulin (TG) and thyroid peroxidase (TPO) are present in most patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and TPO antibodies are complement fixing and may be cytotoxic. However, the evidence for cytotoxicity is scant, especially since normal transplacental antibody passage of anti-TPO Ab to the human fetus does not usually induce thyroid damage.

    Autoantibodies to thyroid peroxidase are the hallmark of Hashimoto thyroiditis, the most common form of thyroid autoimmunity. However, the relative contribution of antibodies and T cells to disease has been a long-standing controversy—now settled by a transgenic mouse model. Thyroid peroxidase–specific T cells, in the absence of mature B cells and antibodies, spontaneously infiltrate and destroy the thyroid gland, causing overt hypothyroidism and obesity...

  • Hi Helvella, thanks for the links. I will read into them. My MD explained that because my Anti TPO antibodies is high (1638) so they maybe attacking the T4 result in my T4 is now lower than range. Anyway, he has not prescribe any medication for me yet. He said he wants to run another test in September then to decide. I wish my MD will refer me to a specialist but he said he can prescribe me with the medication once he can be certain if I am Hyper or Hypo. I am very new at this, just starting to research and learn. What do you think?

  • try going Gluten Free or starters but if your Free T4 is low you need thyroid meds sooner rather than later or your health will plummet pretty fast

  • Hi ReallyFedUp123, thanks for your reply. Can you tell me what kind of medication do I need?

  • you need levothyroxine or Natural Dessicated Thyroid but you need




    vit d3

    all tested and bought up to halfway in their ranges in order for thyroid meds to work properly

  • So, it sounds like your thyroid is beginning to fail, from what you say. In which case you really need to start treatment, and build up to a high enough dose of thyroid hormone replacement to suppress your TSH - 0.01 - to decrease antibody activity. No gland activity means no antibody activity. All the time your gland is struggling to produce hormone, the antibodies are going to be high.

    Unfortunately, doctors Don't seem to know that, and are rarely happy to allow you to have a suppressed TSH. Yours may need educating.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi Grey, thanks for your advice. Per my Doctor, my TSH is still within range now. I was test 2.07 range of (.35-5). So he has not prescribe anything for me yet. What should I do next?


  • Yes, well, your doctor doesn't really know what he's talking about, does he. They are slaves to the TSH and incapable of thinking out of the box, and totally ignorant of all things thyroid. It's a terrible situation, I know. But 2.07 is too high for you to feel well. And, besides, the most important tests are the FT4 and FT3. I despair, I really do! And the fact that you are feeling ill should give him a clue that he needs to treat you! It's all very well him saying oh, they haven't affected your TSH, FT4 and FT3 YET! How about stopping them before they do??? Is that a concept too difficult for him to grasp?

    Sorry, not having a go at you. lol It's just so frustrating when desperate, sick people are being ignored and mistreated by their ignorant doctors who Don't give a s**t. I Don't know what you can do, I wish I did. Except try going gluten-free. Get your vit D, vit B12, folate, iron and ferritin tested, because they are possibly low, and that will make you feel bad. Supplement as necessary.

    There is, of course, always the possibility of self-treating, but one has to know what one is doing. You need to learn a lot more about thyroid before you can contemplate doing that. So, I would suggest that you read and read and read, and then read some more. Learn as much as you can about the thyroid - Dr John Lowe, Mary Shommon, Dr Broda Barnes are good starting places. Go on some of the thyroid blogs, like Hypothyroid Mama. And, maybe then, you can start educating your doctor!

  • Hi, I'm not sure myself. I do know that of all things Coconut oil helps regulate the Thyroid. Also check out a web page Doug Kaufman. There is a great deal of factual information that can help those suffering with many health problems. Hope it helps.

  • Thank you Kimmie7. I will check out your site

  • I would like to thank everyone that has responded. I was overwhelm with the advice and I am just so grateful that I found this Commnity.

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