Folate anaemia

Hi can anybody help please, I spoke to my GP on Friday who said my recent blood test (which had been repeated) came back showing folate anaemia. He said to call in on Tuesday to pick up a prescription for folic acid and iron tablets and he would test again in 3 months. I have an underactive thyroid and take 150 a day. I have spent the last couple of days worrying about what this means. You know what GP's ar like you rarely get answers. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Cookie5, folate anaemia means your red blood cells are enlarged and not carrying enough oxygen around your body causing fatigue and other symptoms. Folic acid prescribed for up to 4 months usually restores your folate levels. It took less than 8 weeks for mine to be corrected. The link below explains well.

Thanks for that, I just needed some info, you know what GP's are like. I couldn't understand why it has dropped so suddenly.

Cookie, you need to check in with your diet. Are you regularly eating foods that are good sources of folate? If you take the supps for 3 months and then don't, your levels will go down quickly again.

There are some malabsorption syndromes, like Coeliac, Crohn's etc. and others due to pathogens, but since you have not mentioned any major problems with your guts, then possibly it's just not eating food that is high in folate.

Hi, my GP did say he was going to send me for a colonoscopy just to make sure everything was ok. Hopefully everything will be fine. It's all just a lot to take in.


Your deficiency could be due to malabsorbtion caused by low stomach acid levels common with hypothyroidism. Do you have stomach issues?

Folate, also known as B6 is one of the four important nutrients that people with thyroid issues ought to be tested for, the others being Vit B12, Vit D and ferritin iron.

It can take a while to raise folate levels but will eventually help thyroid meds to work better in your body.


Flower, I think you mean B9 not B6 :-)

whoops .....just testing you all.

Apologies Cookie5 giving you wrong advice!

No excuse I know but I've been awake all night.

Thank you for pointing out flatfeet1.


Hi, I have been tested for b12 and they said that is ok. I will get these all tested again in 3 months he said.

Cookie, doctors always give a prescription for folic acid because it is the cheapest. But you might be better off buying your own methylfolate which would be better for you. It's not expensive.

Thanks for replying I will have a look for it. I know from experience dr's always go for the cheapest option.

Indeed! lol

Although it is many years ago, I was diagnosed with this type of anaemia when I was pregnant (my kids Now 37 & 41years old) I asked at the pre natal clinic what it was? and was told it was anaemia where you lacked the chemical to help you absorb the iron so they combine the two in one tablet to help you absorb the iron better. I know things change but I hope this helps. I was fortunate enough to return to normal once I gave birth, in fact I had a high Iron count for years!!

Thanks for replying, let's hope it goes back to normal by the time I go for the next blood test.

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