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Pernicious anaemia

Thought you might find this interesting.

Martyn Hooper, a college lecturer, felt so exhausted all the time he had to take early retirement. For several years Martyn had felt extremely tired, suffered cognitive problems and experienced severe mood swings and changes to his personality. Eventually he lost all feelings in his legs and feet and could walk only with the aid of a walking aid. He underwent nerve conduction tests, MRI scans and a variety of other tests before eventually a simple test showed that he had almost no B12 in his blood. He was suffering from pernicious anaemia.

He immediately received replacement therapy injections which helped alleviate some of his symptoms but the deficiency had existed for so long that his mental and physical symptoms are always present. To help others get diagnosed and treated earlier Martyn founded the Pernicious Anaemia Society. The society soon began to realise that there were serious problems with the way in which Pernicious Anaemia, which is caused by antibodies destroying the protein that absorbs B12, was being diagnosed and treated.

You can sign Martyn's petition here


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yes he spoke at the recent TUK conference - eliminate B12 deficiency - symptoms are more than similar to Thyroid trouble.... and, sorry not sure where we're going here... but thanks for posting...

not meaning to be rude - just confused!


Sorry, just thought that it was interesting that PA seems to be another autoimmune disorder.


What is interesting is that doctors know nothing about B12! Well, it's not interesting, it's a scandle. They should know and be testing for it without us having to nag.

I'm a bit... strong on vit B12 at the moment - not necessarily PA but just a deficiency. Because all these years I've been upping and upping my thyroid dose because I thought all my symptoms were due to low thyroid. Turns out my B12 was too low (despite what the doctor thought!) and now I'm supplimenting, a lot of my symptoms are gone! I didn't need such a high dose of T3 after all! How many more people are in my postition? Especially as doctors think that anything 'in range' is 'perfect'! It isn't.

OK, rant over! Wanted to sign but it told me I've already signed. lol Just goes to show...

Thanks for posting.

Hugs, Grey

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Yes it is very closely linked, but lucky to be tested for - I did read, somewhere, 25% of Thyroid disease sufferers are deficient, but last night when half asleep I wondered if you'd posted on the wrong forum, I do hope you've had B12 tests too! J :D

here's the TUK petition, just in case...



It is very! Interesting - just been to my GP today (long boring levo dosage story!) I queried my B12 & asked to have it tested and was told that if I was eating a healthy diet my B12 would be fine........Mmmmmmmm............have signed petition and will be pushing to get mine tested .....may answer a lot of questions and symptoms.


I've been complaining of fatique for about 4 years now and have just discovered that I am B12 deficient and like others this symptom had been ignored by GP and endo who basically said I had to live with it! As it can be another autoimmune disease then I can't believe that neither 'professionals' worked this out! Therefore, it's a really useful post for UAT sufferers.

Thank you!

Mary mary


No, I haven't been tested for B12. I'm lucky if I get my TSH and T4 done, I had to wait for 6 months before GP would test again and it's 18.05 (0.34 - 5.60).

It's a disgrace!!!


Pernicious Anaemia I personally believe could be the possible effect of untreated thyroid, in the first instance, which gets worse if left untreated. Just that I believe that it is more than just coincidence that 2 of my sisters and myself suffer with underactive thyroid and my brother and my father who died at 88 years ( not from PA by the way) also suffered with Pernicious Anaemia. I think these two are akin. My father was diagnosed at approx 70 years but my brother was much younger and at 83 is still alive and very healthy for his age. He has injections for the condition as did my father ie B12 which seems to do the trick. I only hope early Thyroid diagnosis will prevent myself and my sisters from having to go down that route..


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