Latest results including antibodies

My recent blood tests were as follows: T4 19.2 (8.4-19.1) marked as high

T3 5 (3.8-6.0)

TSH 0.2) (0.30-4.60) marked as low

Haemoglobin estimation 154.0 g/L

(120.0-150.0) marked as high

Thyroid peroxidase antibody level 16.6 iu/mL (< 9.0) marked as high

I have never asked for antibodies to be tested before but thanks to lovely people here raising my awareness I persuaded my Doctor to test and the result has come back high. I have no knowledge as to what this means, could you enlighten me please, could I have Hashimotos? I believed I had an adrenal crash last September and have been treating that, I do feel better than I did but still not as well as I would like. Many thanks.


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Joyia, your antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). Your thyroid results look good. Low TSH and slightly over range FT4 don't indicate overmedication so resist any attempt to reduce your dose as it will cause your FT3 to drop. Read Dr. A. Toft's comments in Treatment Options in the link below and if you think it would be useful to have a full copy of the Pulse article email

Thank you Clutter for your response, I will now have to educate myself regarding Hashimotos. It would be good to hear from others what this will entail. Sorry I have not taken a lot of interest in Hashimotos before but of course recognise the times it is mentioned. I have read your link but need to understand more.

Joyia, it is the autoimmune attacks on your thyroid which have made you hypothyroid by damaging your thyroid gland so it is unable to produce sufficient hormone. The link below explains in detail.

if your feeling better that's great

your results are fine don't let the doctors rattle you

although ferritin and folate and b12 tests results would be of benefit

You are right, joyia, you have to learn much more than just Hashimoto's. You have to learn to get your body back in harmony and it's much more than popping a hormone tablet. I think this man explains it very articulately and entertainingly. You will understand the basics of what goes wrong that leads to chronic illness. You adrenal glands are very involved as well.

Joyia, Don't let them tell you that that TSH is too low - even though it is below their stupid range! You have Hashi's, so need your TSH SUPPRESSED (it's not suppressed yet) to stop the Hashi's attacks and keep your thyroid. And you need to keep your thyroid for as long as possible, just in case they ever find a cure for Hashi's!

If you're feeling well, that's fine. But if you're not, you could easily take an increase. Your FT3 is only just scraping over the mid-range line, and you aren't converting very well. Definately get your vits and mins tested, as RFU suggests. They could be low and causing your conversion problem.

Thank you everybody for responding and the links I do appreciate your time and care. I had a partial thyroidectomy 48 years ago, who knows what is left. I consulted an adrenal specialist last September as I had a crash due to extreme family stress and he placed me on various vitamin supplements including DHEA which seems to have at long last worked as I am not getting the horrible feelings sweeping over me that I did during the winter months, even so I feel it is a fragile situation.

Joyia you might also like to read up on gluten free diet to lower antibodies. Izabella Wentz books is good. Worked for me

Thanks crimple, I am looking to go gluten free and will look up Izabella Wentz, glad it worked for you.

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