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Latest test results

Below are my latest results taken Feb 2015. (Previous results are from Sept 2014 & July 2014 & June 2014) I am hoping for an increase of T3 when I see GP on Tuesday. Am I likely to be successful?

TSH.......0.6.......(0.55-4.78mu/L)....previously 0.18 & 0.12 & 0.1

T4..........8..........(9.00-23.00pmol/L)...previously 10 & 11 & 15

T3..........3.3.......(3.50-6.50pmol/L)...previously 3.5 & ?? & 4.6

i am currently on

50mcg levothyroxine (T4)

40mcg liothyronine (T3)

although I feel relatively good I feel there is still room for improvement. All February results are marked "!" But says "test results satisfactory "

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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W3ndy, You certainly need an increase according to your blood results and your doctor shouldn't be put off prescribing more because it will suppress your TSH. FT4 is low which is to be expected when taking T3.

I think you need referral to an endo to see why your FT3 remains below range on 40mcg T3 which, with 50mcg T4, is not a low dose. Thyroidless patients awaiting RAI are prescribed 60mcg T3.


Thanks for reply Clutter.

Do you think I would be better on NDT? Or would an increase of T3 work?

I'm trying to persuade GP to ask the "powers that be" to fund NDT treatment on NHS. Would my results be a good enough reason to do so? My T3 treatment is NHS funded-which is great and I'm so greatful for,but would dearly love the opportunity to try NDT.

Thanks x


W3ndy, You certainly need an increase in T3 because your FT3 is below range. I havent tried NDT so I don't have an opinion on it. It does occur to me that the proportion of T3 to T4 in NDT may not be enough for you and you might need T3 in addition to NDT.

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Thank you for replying Clutter.

A quick update!

I'm happy to say I got an increase when I saw doctor yesterday. He increased my Liothyronine by 50%. I've gone from 40-60mcg. Still on 50mcg thyroxine. Blood tests again in 6-8weeks.

I was surprised he increased by 50% though. Thought I'd be lucky to get 10mcg if any. I shall be vigilant for hyper symptoms.

Thanks again for advice, it gave me the confidence to ask for an increase. 😚x


W3ndy, that's good news and should considerably improve your FT3. Just seen your question about NDT below. The proportions of T4 and T3 in NDT don't suit everyone and some have to add T4 while others need more T3.


Thanks clutter that is interesting that you say I may need extra T3 if on NDT. I Thought if you were on NDT that would be all you took as it has everything in it. (T4,T3,T2,T1and calcitonin) is this not the case? Some people have to combo NDT/T3?

Thank you x


Are those tests total t3 and t4 or free? Totals don't tell anything much.

ndt contains t4, t3 and trace and that's all. Check the manufacturer websites. It made me very ill and flare up my Hashimotos badly.


Hi Faith thanks for replying. These are fT3 & fT4 levels.

Sorry to hear NDT made your hashimotos flare up. Hope you are better now? What are you taking for treatment? X


I am not aware of anything that proves that significant amounts of T2, T1 or calcitonin are present in desiccated thyroid, or get from the tablets into our bloodstreams.

They are detectable in desiccated thyroid but that is very different from making a real difference.

Anyway, someone who cannot effectively convert T4 to T3 will need more T3 (and less T4) than is present in desiccated thyroid.


Thanks Helvella.

That probably means if I was on NDT I would probably have to supplement with extra T3 anyway? If there doesn't seem to be any evidence that suggests T2&T1&Calcitonin can makes any difference to us, then I may as well just stay on T3/T4 combo. At least it is NHS funded for me.

Thanks for your reply. X


It is my view that T2 and T1 probably would make a difference if the quantity were sufficient - though I don't know what that difference would be! Good or bad. Most T2 and T1 in the body, pig or human, is produced by conversion from T3 and/or rT3. The amount in the thyroid is tiny. So the amount in desiccated thyroid will also be, at best, tiny. No-one seems able to say how much is present. No-one seems able to demonstrate that T2 and/or T1 which might have existed in the pig thyroid, is still there when processed into desiccated thyroid. Even if there were some, no-one can show that the amount is even similar from one batch to the next.

Calcitonin tends to get broken down in the stomach, even if it got that far. That is why, when it was available as a medicine, salmon calcitonin was delivered by nasal spray. Again, no-one actually says how much is present and, of that, how much could get into the bloodstream and what effect that might have.


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