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Latest test results

Got my results

TSH 3 (0.4-4)

Ft4 10.78 (10-21)

Couldn't afford ft3 but I know from experience it tends to increase if my TSH goes a bit up and then hit the bottom when TSH drops or does whatever it wants to)

23.09 2016

TSH 1.68

Ft4 10.3

Ft3 4.6 (3.5-6.5)

Tpoab borderline

Thyglab negative

16.8 2016

TSH 2.51

Ft4 11.3

June 2016

Tsh 1.5 (0.5-3.0)

Ft4 0.9 (0.7-2.5)

Tt4 2.5 (5-10.8)

Ft3 2.5 (2.5-6.5)

Tpoab borderline

Thyroglobulin 110.2 (3-10)

I am somewhat deficient to iodine which could explain the high thyroglobulin but taking iodine drops my Tt4 and ft3 and I feel awful.

I have had thyroid ultrasound and it looked just nice and healthy so no sign of goiters or anything related to iodine deficiency or hashimoto. But no reason why thyroglobulin is leaking.

I guess I better call a doctor and have a proper chat. Should I still ask about possible pituitary issue and ask to investigate that well as TSH creeping up so slowly?


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TSH >2.0 indicates your thyroid is struggling. In the UK you wouldn't get treatment on the NHS until TSH was >4.4 or FT4 was <10.0 but some private endocrinologists may make a diagnosis once TSH is >3.0.

High TSH stimulates conversion so FT3 is often quite good for a while but it isn't sustainable as FT4 drops.

Borderline TPOab may indicate Hashimoto's. It may be worth trialling a gluten-free diet to see whether symptoms improve.

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Over here the general guideline is 0.5-3.6 ,but some , especially endos still seem to use 0.5-5.

About ft4 , they recommend treatment before it drops below the range as these new fast test methods tends to over estimate the amount of t4 especially on the lower end. So 10 in range 10-22 can be lower in reality.

If TSH in range and ft4 low or below they see it as secondary hypothyroidism until proved otherwise.

Ft3 is not recommended as they see these tests are not reliable at the moment. (They are not ruling out the importance of ft3 anymore I see.)

Was reading the latest update of university hospital.


High thyroglobulin in earlier test indicates Hashimoto's.

It is apparently not a good idea to supplement iodine if have Hashimoto's, even in small amounts as it can make it worse - see link

Have you tried gluten free diet? Might really help reduce symptoms, and lower antibodies too. Selenium supplements can help improve conversion of T4 to T3

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Been gluten , dairy and sugar free for years now.

My selenium is optimal now after carefully supplementing. Started selenium way before iodine. Diet, vitamin and nutrient wise I have done everything.

I eat organic food, good protein, lots of fat and enough carbs.

I assume it was iodine triggering antibodies.

So in all other areas I think I have done everything in my power but never been this tired :(


Sorry - I should have read your profile first. As you have Hashimoto's (high TG antibodies) here in Uk it is advised medics should consider treating with thyroxine to bring TSH down to 1 (or lower). But your TSH is not working in your favour, being so low. Perhaps you could ask for three month trial of thyroxine.

You can email Louise at Thyroid Uk for copy of article by Prof Toft which outlines this


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