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I was diagnosed thyroid 3 years a go have got it pretty well under control as last blood tests came back all normal ,so why am I feeling cold to the extreme of shivering .Turn the heating up then im too hot cant get a happy medium it seems . then still have a hot flush from time to time .Does anyone have problems with bleary eyes and fuzzy heads from time to time some days feel really unwell and cant cope then it passes feel like im loosing the plot ...

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  • I can sympathise with you, I feel cold all the time. Mu husband doesn't understand why I need the heating on. I have raynauds too so my fingers go numb if I am cold.I have hot flushes mainly in the evening, but I came of HRT two tears ago so don't know if it's the normal menopause flushes. My eyes are blurry too, use viscotears which help a little. Have those floaty bits across my vision, so they cause blurriness. I used to be healthy till I started with hypothyrodism!!

  • See my response to Mirabelle above.

  • I doubt you are 'normal'. Is your TSH around 1 or lower? Many doctors believe keeping a hypothyroid patient within the 'normal' range. My view is that it should only be used initially before being diagnosed (where the advice is to wait till the patient reaches 10 - crazy).

    Do you have a print-out of your latest blood test results with the ranges? If not request them from the surgery and post on a new post for comments.

    If you were optimally medicated, you should have no symptoms. You should not be cold, have insomnia or anything else.

    Do you leave approx 24 hours between levo and thyroid hormone blood test?

  • Also, did they do the right tests, or just TSH?

  • It would be nice if we could get a print out of our results ( my doctor only tests TSH and even then when I asked him what it was, was told it's okay and you don't need any increase in your medication. I have been on 50mg for five years. Do others have this response from their doctors.

  • Hi, Wednesday. You should be able to get a printed copy of your results. I started asking for mine when I found out I was entitled to the actual results - I think on this site. I record them (for comparison) on a chart from the main Thyroid UK website.

    Recently I started to ask for copies of all tests - not just thyroid.

    I think at least one of the receptionists is getting used to me. The last time I asked for my results, she just went and printed it off before I could ask for a copy!

  • Thanks crabapple I will ask the receptionist, they are quite nice at our surgery

  • Just ask the receptionist. If she queries or if you see doctor before tell him you are going to keep copies of your blood tests for your records. They cannot interpret them like some of our 'experts' on the forum much more than doctors.

    By law we are entitled to our own copies of our own blood test results.

  • Your dose of 50mcg of levo is quite small. I imagine you don't feel quite well. Dr Skinner said we are given too low a dose nowadays. Sadly for us Dr Skinner died unexpectedly of a heart attack because lots of members don't have another person to go to.

  • okay thanks Shaws I will

  • no usually take it every morning about 7am and probably have a blood test that morning does that make a difference. Went to see doc 3 monthes ago told him I didn't feel good very tired tests came back normal still feel tired...

  • Can make a big difference and being told to reduce dose. The advice is - if getting a thyroid hormone blood test, leave approx 24 hours between dose and test which should be as early as possible as TSH is highest then. Take levo afterwards and leave 2 hours either side of levo if you've eaten as food can interfere with the uptake.

  • Thank you that's useful to know so its best taken on a empty stomach then ?

  • Havent been told to reduce dose I take 75 grms..

  • thank you for your replies will get print out when next I go for blood tests . But the colness has got worse never been so bad ,Also can some one tell me does panic and anxiety run along side of thyroid I have had this periodly for the last 3yrs and and get a hot flush when it starts ...

  • If your GP agrees to give you a new blood test. Leave approx 24 hours between taking levo and the blood test and get it as early as possible. Taking levo before blood test skews results. Also ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

    Yes, these are also clinical symptoms of hypo but can also be due to other problems but I would say thyroid.

    (It's like studying for a degree - we have to read and learn).



    You can tick off your symptoms on this link and let your doctor see it (may make no difference but might widen his horizon rather than just the TSH).

  • Only just had blood test so don't think he will do it again .Will mention the being cold tho thanks for your help..

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