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feeling frustrated/worried

Hi, about a year ago i was diagnosed with a multinodular goitre i was sent for blood tests,scans and all came back normal, back then i didnt have many symptoms just the odd dizzy spells.

In the last few months my symptoms have increased i'm constantly dizzy, feeling faint, tired, feeling cold all the time, really bad anxiety/panic attacks and in the last few weeks i feel like the goitre is strangling me and i'm finding it hard to breath,swallow and eating worries me.

I was sent for more blood tests back in July along with a lung function test again came back normal and saw the endocroligist who just said everything was fine....even though i have more nodulars growing in my neck/thyroid.

I am so frustrated as all my results are coming back normal but i feel far from it, my anxiety is so bad im finding it hard to sleep at nights it takes me ages and i end up having panic attacks. Im 26 and my mum has graves diseases so thyroid problems are in my immidate family. me and my husband have been trying for a baby for over a year but not fallen pregnant i believe that has to do with my thyroid.

The blood tests the drs send me for are to check my TSH 4 levels and thyroid function test, is there any other tests they can do i really believe i could have hashimotos disease all my symptoms match up.

Im going out of my head i'm not myself anymore im always feeling unwell and now my panic attacks/anxiety is a constant daily battle, i have a 3 year old and i feel like such a bad mum as i can't do much with him as im always feeling unwell and my poor husband always gets the brunt of my mood swings, i feel i cant carry on like this would appreciate any advice,

Thank you x

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Anyone :(


Oh, Lucasbear, I'm so sorry you haven't had any replies.

Anyway, your first step here has to be to go back to your doctor and get copies of all your blood test results for as far back as you can. It is your legal right to have them. Then, post them on here and let us have a peep, and maybe we can see something the doctor hasn't - because there's not much chance he knows what he's doing here! lol We need to see exactly what tests he's done, and what the results were before we can take the next step. OK?

And Don't worry! That will only make you feel worse.

Hugs, Grey.

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Lucasbear, when you get your thyroid results please post them in a new question as updates are often overlooked.


Thank you for your replies I went back to the drs today and he thinks it's more likely anxiety as I have had all the relevant tests and they've came back normal unfortunately I wasn't able to have another blood test so I can't post any results :( but I have a telephone assessment on Monday with a mental health counciller so maybe that will help? Xx


I had the same experience. The symptoms were all the same, except I was hot all the time and lost a lot of weight that i couldn't afford to lose. Sounds like you have Hoshimotos. Have you been tested for that or Graves' disease? I have graves, and a lot of the symptoms are the same. I would demand to be tested for this. If your endo can't figure it out, maybe it's time for a second opinion before you really become miserable. It can get worse. I slept all day, missed a month of work, and was a mess for a while until my endo finally removed my thyroid completely. It was three times the normal size, and it can cause more damage if they don't figure it out.


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