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Cold Again

I cant believe I have a cold again 4th one in as many weeks, I have never had this many colds before, I could go years without one now all of a sudden I am getting more, it is really getting me down, I never seem to feel well, all my muscles are hurting despite being on Vit D supplements, went to see the doctor who was rather puzzled by everything that was going on with me and asked if my Endo had sent me for a scan when I said no she said she would speak to my regular doctor and come back to me well that was 4 days again and I haven't heard anything, (doesn't surprise me) but it doesn't help me.

I have an underactive thyroid and I am on 175mcg a day but these last few months everything has gone awry.

Im sorry to keep moaning but no one in the family understands except my mum who has the same problems, underactive thyroid and just been diagnosed with Polymyalgia and so I thought I would speak to you lovely people. Even sitting here and typing this hurts my hands and arms but I am a Receptionist so Im always using a keyboard, I could easily say to my doctor I need some time off but Im not giving in that's too easy and Im not going to sit at home and wallow.

Thanks for listening.


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Don't worry Tina, lots and lots of people are on their second or third virus, myself included!


Hi MT, just thought I'd say hello, I have no answer sorry. Are the others in your family getting the same viruses ? the gp always asked me that because they pick up all sorts of bugs in school.


Maybe your GP will allow you to add some T3 to your T4.


I'm sorry you are having such a rough time :(

It is a good idea to get checked out regarding these viruses but it might just be because spring still hasn't arrived (we have snow!) and that you work with other people. If you have contact with the public or children that makes it even worse. There are a lot of things going around at the moment but it is still wise to get checked out just to make sure.

I felt very much like you when I was taking levothyroxine. I was waiting for a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and/or lupus but most of my symptoms went within a couple of days of stopping my levo and replacing it with a low dose of NDT, to be gradually increased.

As Shaws says, you may also benefit from replacing some of your T4 with T3.

It is a horrid disease, isn't it. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Carolyn x


Have you had your adrenals tested? Have a look here :

It's the adrenals that protect you from infections, but if they are fatigued, they're not going to do their job properly.

Hugs, Grey


I have picked up loads more viruses since being hypothyroid I also work in a school from time to time so its impossible to not get them.

Even looking for different work to avoid this. probs worse in winter-hopefully spring/summer will see an improvement.


You are getting so many frequent infections because you will be low, insufficient or without any Vitamin D3. Research shows that low levels of this Vitamin alone is usually responsible. If you can get your GP to test for it that would be ideal, if not you can start supplementing straight away with 10.000iu a day for about 6 weeks then cut down to 5-8000iu per day. You will notice a big difference in other ways as well. Please Google some research there is plenty


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