Is Dr P still helping people?

I went to him a few years ago and found him very helpful but then he became ill so I sorted myself out as far as possible. Now I seem to have a constant headache and, despite trying to cut my T3 down because my blood levels were so high, I have only been able to cut it down by about 12 mcg without any adverse effects. Does anyone else have experience of a constant dull headache? Any ideas gratefully received.

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  • Dr P is still helping people.

  • Constant headache ? Do you wear glasses and have you had a recent eye-test ? I have been unwell of late and decided to have my glasses prescription checked as I seemed to be removing my specs often. Apparently the prescription I had almost 3 years ago was completely wrong and with an inferior lens....even taking into account any changes that may have taken place....

    I await my new specs with hope for an improved vision on the world - sick bank balance but hey what price health ?

  • He is still working - dr b p-d ? Maybe need more adrenal support? Would be worth ringing to book tel consultation - now on Fridays I believe

  • Yes I saw him 2 weeks ago in Malvern. Unfortunately if you look on: it shows the dates at the moment only Stockport in May if that is near enough for you.

  • your headache adizzy headache? I have some nausea involved, with really bad muscle tension. Maybe a tension headache. I have not found help yet, but do need glasses.

  • No I don't feel dizzy but for the past few weeks I've had a kind of dull headache over the top and back of my head. Perhaps I'll go to the opticians. Thanks for everyone's responses.

  • Mstp what did it end up being, im having the same problem

  • Hi mindymin81 I think I just upped my vitamins and started taking iron in the end. I had stopped taking them for a while and was going down hill generally. The headaches have gone now. Good luck with yours.

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