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I am tired ALL the time. I have been told by my doctor that my blood test is normal. Is this just part of being under-active???

Also I have a constant headache and I struggle to keep my hands and feet warm in the winter. Are these just symptoms I have to put up with? Any help or suggestions greatly received. (going to the doctors just makes me feel like a hypochondriac!)

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Do you have your blood test results? If you have the numbers and the reference ranges for what is considered normal at the lab that processed your test, we will be able to be more help :) The one you are looking for is TSH but your doctor may have also done a free T4 test too. If you phone your doctor's surgery they should be able to tell you. If you want a printout they may charge a nominal admin fee. My GPs receptionist tells me over the phone and my GP is quite happy to show me on his computer screen. You are entitled to these results.

If they are indeed normal, it would be wise to have the following tests done; serum iron, ferritin (needs to be above 70-90), vitamin B12 (should be above 500, not the 200 that the NHS thinks is normal), folate and vitamin D. Deficiencies in any of the above can cause similar symptoms to hypothyroidism. They can also make it more difficult to use the thyroid hormones in you body. If you GP has decided your thyroid test is normal he should have no problem doing these tests. After all, it is his duty to find out why you are unwell and treat the cause.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Carolyn x.


My ferritin is only 24:( I tried iron supplements and I just cannot take them orally due to upset stomach. I have tried even spatone.


My dad has iron injections - is this something you could try as it avoids stomach/absorption issues? Xx


Thanks Clare. I thought about injections. I am just worried that I might get some side effects from that too ( nausea, vomiting). Plus I would have to convince my dr to prescribe it for me. They think that as long as your haemoglobin levels and red cell count is fine than you do not need iron.

Did your dad had any side effects from iron injections?

E xx


No I don't think so but he does have low haemoglobin. Your ferritin will be likely to be a problem if its this low, particularly if you are going to take NDT. Have you read the Stop the Thyroid Madness book? It's got some very good advice xx


No, I did not read it. Has it got advice about iron?



Yes - lots of info on iron amongst many other things :) xx


Hi Carolyn

trying to get blood test results (came up against receptionist who seems to think I can't have them but will see my doctor)

In meantime read some other stuff and was wondering if the 20mg amitriptyline I am taking is effecting Thyroxine?? have been taking this now for about 5 years for my headache

thanks again


Did they check your ANA, rheumatoid factor, C reactive protein? Did they check your IgA, IgG, IgE etc. ? Are you drinking sodas? Us your water fluorinated? Do you have a smart meters, smart phone, Wi-Fi? Are you still eating flour and sugar, bread and pasta?


Great advice from Carolyn :) It would also be useful to know if your are on meds and if so what dosage. Thanks :)


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