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Looking for T3 friendly Endocronologist in London

I've had hypothyroid for many years and was on T4 but didn't feel better. Saw Dr Skinner who performed tests and I started on T4/T3 combo about6 yrs ago which greatly helped and have kept that going. Also tried natural thyroid which didn't work for me.

Following Dr Skinners demise, GP now refusing to give T3 unless I find an Endo who will support this. Really struggling to find one and have waited over 10 weeks on NHS Just for an appt. Have recently had cancer treatment which throws out thyroid hormones so need to get myself checked. Any suggestions for a good T3 friendly Endo in London area? Please PM me. Thanks in advance.

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #25, thank you.

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PritiPositive, email for a list of endos recommended by members. You will need to check whether they prescribe T3 before making an appointment.

Are you looking for NHS or private endo?


Hi Clutter,

Thanks for this. I did get a list from her but it was a painful process going through this and thought a recommendation would be better. Also didn't have a good experience with one of the Endo's on the list sent out by Dr Skinners team after he passed away so am now very reticent.


Priti, if anyone on the TUK list looks promising post his/her name and ask for feedback via private messages.


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