Best Thyroid Dr. in London?


I am looking for recommendations for a good endo or other doctor who knows how to treat thyroid hormones not only based on the TSH numbers but on FT3 and FT4 as well and who knows how to prescribe T3 and Natural Dessicated Thyroid.

I would ideally like someone who is not only knowledgeable but who is easy to talk with and empathetic.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Thank you!

Replies via private message in line with posting guideline #25. Thank you. Admin.

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  • Hello Carolyn,

    Welcome to our forum.

    You can email for a list of sympathetic endos/doctors that members have had positive experiences with.

    Good luck.


  • Thank you so much, Flower! I greatly appreciate your message :-)

  • I have PM'd you.

  • joesmum hi just been reading a post by Carolyn982 asking if anyone knew of a good endo in London and you had replied that you had PM'd her I assume with the name of one. Just wondered if you would be so kind to send this endo's name on to me in a PM. Had an awful experience with one at a so called top London Hospital would not consider a trial of T3 and told they do not prescribe Armour either. I asked them to at least check out my T3 in blood test mumbled something think it was yes but never received another appointment just dropped me. Can't to bothered to complain I am depressed enough. Hence looking for another endo who might listen to me. Would greatly appreciate any help you can give. I know my GP will refuse to send me to another one so have to consider a private consultation initially. Many thanks if you can help with a name or names.

  • functioning medicine Doctor might be better then an endo

  • I've PM'd you.

  • UCLH have a clinic.

  • Many thanks joesmum and also the other suggestions from Braska and Hidden appreciate your thoughts on my problem......

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