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Sympathetic Endos in London?

Hi all. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have recently been diagnosed with auto immune thyroidosis after years of being seriously unwell by within the 'normal' range. I tried levothyroxine but it made my lymph nodes swollen and painful, my hair fall out by the handful, and I was viciously thirsty but retaining water and swelling up :( I switched to Armour which sorted out my levels and the pain, confusion, and brain fog for about a month and a half but now I am experiencing hypothyroid symptoms even thought my t4 is normal, my tsh is very low and my t3 is just over normal. My GP is willing to refer me to an endocrinologist in London to properly diagnose me. Can any of you recommend someone who is good with thyroid and open minded about Natural Dessicated Thyroid as a treatment? thank you!

Replies via private messages please in line with posting guideline #24, thank you, Clutter.

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Welcome to the forum, WinterRose.

Email for a list of recommended endos in London.


Thank you Clutter! Have a wonderful weekend :)


How is your gut health ? Have you had tests for Iron - Folate - Ferritin - B12 - Iron - they all need to be good for the medication to work in the body. Also for your overall health. If so then do not accept normal from Your GP - obtain copies of test results with ranges and post in a new post here. It is best to go to a Private Endo recommended by Louise as many Endos in the NHS have to follow guidelines - not all but many.


Thanks! All I have heard is that everything is 'normal' which gosh, I have heard before. I will definitely ask for those next time.


Oh Dear :-( It's a good idea to ask - Excuse me - what is normal ? Don't think there is n answer :-)


You can almost forget it - even people on "the list" are being clamped down on by the nhs and pressured not to prescribe it. Be aware that you may be very disappointed. An endo simply asks your gp to prescribe ndt and the gp refuses. That's it.

Simpler to manage things yourself

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PS - you dont need to fork out on private endos - a private gp will be cheaper and many are clued up about ndt. I can recommend one in London if you are interested. It will be far cheaper than a private endo


Hi Blue - could you let me know the name of the person you can recommend - could you PM please? I am trying to find someone good Endo/Consultant/GP specialising in Endo etc in London

Many thanks


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