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London NHS hospital endos who understand T3 and don’t work of tsh?


Hi everyone

My GP has agreed to refer me to an endo and has said I can choose any hospital in London.

She is referring me because I am taking personally sourced t3 now, after she made me ill reducing my t4 over and over. I want an endo that will give me t3, which I need, and also help me through pregnancy. I hope to become pregnant soon and I know it takes a lot of care and close checking on thyroid levels so I want to find a good endo in London that will work with me so I don’t risk the babies health.

My GP won’t even give me enough t4 because she will only go off tsh, so in her hands id risk losing the baby.

Does anyone have any good experiences with nhs endos in any London hospital?

Thanks so much

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Yes, nhs endos in hospitals please.


Email Dionne at Thyroid Uk for list of recommended thyroid specialists

I think you may struggle to find one prepared to let you take T3 during pregnancy, but at least it may help when TTC

Obviously it's very important to test vitamin B12, folate, ferritin and Vitamin D.

Good levels of B12 and folate very important for any baby's neurological development

Have you had ultrasound scan of your thyroid?

Ok, I’ve emailed her.

I am taking those vitamins after testing, yes and will test again in a few months. Been on them since sept.

I’ve never had a thyroid scan. What would it tell me? Would it be useful?

Thank you

Marz in reply to Frances0008

Testing B12 once supplementing will throw a skewed result ...

And I don’t suppose they would supply me with t3 through pregnancy, but they couldn’t stop me taking it myself. I just want a doc who will do regular t3&4 tests and other blood tests as needed and help me along. Who actually wants to keep an eye on baby. My doc won’t test me!!

Frances0008, have you also had a private t3 and t4 test?

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