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Magnesium Cream

I have found that by applying Magnesium Cream to my body, I sleep better.

However, although the cream has wonderful moisturising ingredients like coconut oil and Shea body butter, the magnesium still makes my skin look so old and wrinkly.

The cream is also terribly hard to rub in so I have tried the Magnesium Oil but that also produces the same results.

Has anyone found this too?

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I bought the better you magnesium body butter and oil last week and started using them for the first time.

I find the butter very hard to run rub in too but very moisturising.

The oil soaks in immediately but is less moisturising.

I have found that since taking NDT my dry reptile skin has almost disappeared though. When it was at it's worse, no moisturisers helped to relieve the dry scaly appearance so I doubt the magnesium products would have helped then either.

I have been sleeping so much now and hadn't thought it could be due to the magnesium!


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