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Hashimoto's and the flu jab

Does anybody have any links to evidence regarding the safety of having the flu jab when you have an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's? I wouldn't normally even consider taking the jab but I currently work closely with a colleague who constantly has colds and flu-like illnesses, so I'm concerned I'm more likely to get infected at the minute.

My thyroid is basically destroyed now and I'm completely dependent on supplemental hormones, so I wouldn't expect any potential Hashimoto flare up to effect my thyroid hormone levels, but I wonder if the flu jab could stimulate my immune system in other unexpected ways/cause other problems?

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Sorry, can't help you. I've never taken my surgery up on their offer of a flu jab. A lot of people do though, hopefully one of them will come along soon and answer your question.

I tend to drink a lot of water and wash my hands with good old soap and water regularly throughout the day. Have to say (and my other half thinks I'm nuts ) I tend to avoid holding banisters and things that are touched by the masses. Fortunately I don't have to work with sniffy colleagues though.


I have Hashimotos and also several other autoimmune disorders, including spondyloarthritis. As the medication I take for the arthritis has suppressed my immune system, I had the flu jab last month. Clemmie


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I doubt if there is any such link. And I wouldn't trust it if there were. Big Pharma will do anything to get you to have the jab because it's big money. Same goes for your doctor.

But remember, it's not just about whether someone with Hashi's should get it. The question is : should anyone at all get it? It contains lots of nasty fillers, not just the dead flu virus, or whatever. Plus, it won't protect you from the common cold. And they admit, it only 'protects' from one strain of the flu virus, and they have no idea if that's the one that will be around this winter. Flu viruses mutate rapidly. And they Don't even have any proof that it actually does protect from that particular virus, anyway.

So, is it Worth exposing your body to things like mercury and aluminium - or whatever other poisonous medium they're using - for such vast odds?


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