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Do hypo folks feel ill be because it is an auto-immune disease and need different treatment?

Yesterday I took my friend for a check-up at the local hospital and it occured to me that the reason why some people don't feel 100% well could be due to auto-immune disease. My friend has lupus and several auto problems although her thyroid is OK. Her symptoms are tiredness, brain fog, gut problems etc. etc. all sound very similar to hypo. The reason I ask the question is could the reason some people don't do well on thyroxin is because of general auto-immune problems some possibly undiagnosed? I know so many people who are not well on thyroxine yet in my own case I don't have any anti-bodies and well fine (thankfully). Should we be approaching auto-immune hypo. from a different direction? My friend needs a lot of meds. but the main one is steroid treatment which seem to control auto-immune response.

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I can feel for your friend - and also understand your questions about auto-immunity. I was diagnosed with Crohns over 40 years ago and have had various surgical interventions which left me very low in B12 - without a Terminal Ileum.

As other posts have mentioned our immune system resides in tandem with the gut - and it is the gut we need to heal for so many conditions - anything of an inflammatory nature can be gut related - even heart conditions.

Our food has changed so much over the last 60 years and can cause damage to the gut lining and of course antibiotics have played their role in damaging the gut micro-biome. If you read my Profile you will see I referred to myself as having an auto-immune condition that effects the thyroid - rather than a thyroid problem !

The problem lies with the Medics - who only see each symptom as needing individual treatments/drugs. Joining up the dots seems too complex for them or they are at the mercy of Big Pharma. Check out Dr Rangan Chattergee who did the recent TV programmes on BBC - Doctor in the House. He openly admitted that you cannot find the underlying cause to illness in a ten minute appointment.

We are what we eat - and if doesn't grow don't eat :-)

Oh - and how normal was your friends thyroid ? Did she have the thyroid anti-bodies tested - auto-immune conditions love to hunt in packs. Also check out the usual culprits - B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron and VitD. All need to be OPTIMAL.


If your friend can get a copy of her results for her thyroid gland blood test with the ranges and post them members will respond.

It is surprising how many people are told they are ' normal' range but it might be that she could be low in range for T3/T4 and that would give us symptoms. Our TSH may be 'within range' (classed as normal) when a healthy person usually has a very low TSH.

Marz has given a superb response.


Jacquelis2, It had to be the autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which made me feel very unwell as my thyroid levels were euthyroid. I had thyCa which is asymptomatic and Hashi symptoms resolved after thyroidectomy.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


I am sure that high antibodies will have a systemic effect, but many people who are hypothyroid due to thyroidectomy have similar symptoms and stories without raised antibodies. It is therefore very probable that hypo symptoms can be multi factorial and complex and in part this is why medics are so uneducated and research is so sparse. It is so frustrating for all of us who are searching for answers but the knowledgeable people on here are very helpful.

Happy Christmas everyone.


Yes I do firmly think that the auto immune process of Hashimotos does create a range of symptoms which the docs refuse to recognise although one endo did say to my daughter " you do have an Auto Immune illness "

In my husbands case he felt as though he was going down with the flu on a regular 3 week cycle but the flu never appeared

I know that a gluten free diet helps many Hashis patients but not all

I also know that some claim NDT causes a surge in antibodies .....I have to wonder whether they then burn out faster and the patient can live a normal life

certainly for my husband ,daughter and granddaughters thyroxine and or t3 causes immense joint and muscle pain wheras NDT does not

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#reallyfedup: just read your comment and thought; that's exactly how it works with me; every couple of weeks ( maybe it's 3? I've not kept close tabs) I feel as though I'm coming down with a Virus/cold or flu.. Which never developers further. I wondered if my immune system had fought it off?

Whatever it is, it's usually preceded by an terrible upset tummy.

I've been asking my GP (s) for about 8 years to help me, because I'm so tired I can't cope anymore. They take one look at me and say lose weight/ it's menopause/ you're depressed.

Now, it's so bad I have withdrawn from every normal aspect of life; work, social, cleaning... While my body turns into a fossil, my brain is desperate for a cure.

It's got to be an immune response, and I have to fix myself; I'm not getting enough help from my dr.

I've cleaned up my diet, stopped eating bread; avoiding wheat products , and am driving myself nuts as the brain fog says lie down and close your eyes , but I know I mustn't do that.

This forum really helps to connect & know you are not alone.

Thank you.


Suggest you try ordering thyroid-s and self treating

Pm me for a source my lot use


#reallyfedup- I have obtained some Armour, low dose..started taking it yesterday.. I'm nervous because I'm not sure if I should be doing this, ( guessing game) , but I'll give it a go.

thanks for your input ; im so tired of Being on this state. Any help gratefully received...


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