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Anyone got Graves Hypothriod and Addisons disease

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Saw my GP that finally much so she thought some of my symptoms recently could mean Addisons disease or other auto immune issues, linked from Graves and Hypothriod as its another auto immune attacking thing.

Anyone have both...or other conditions after getting Graves?

Once I get GP and private blood results will post for advice regarding Thyroxine other treatments etc

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I was tested for all of the below - quite a list!

Cortisal serum



Rheumatoid screen

Gut Coeliac Auto Immune














Vit D

So, no antibodies were tested. If she 'thinks' it's an autoimmune problem, why didn't she test for autoimmune problems? If you had Grave's, you will still have the antibodies, even though your thyroid has been removed.

If all she is testing for the thyroid is TSH, then she has absolutely no idea of your thyroid status. You need your FT4 and FT3 tested as well. It could be that your problems are just due to under-medication, rather than an entirely new disease. :)

You will be glad to hear I have also sent off the blood for all those full thyriod tests including antibodies privately at the same time.

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Would you still have antibodies for graves if you still have a thyroid, functioning or not. And would the antibodies continue to rise o despite being hypothyroid How do we reduce those antibodies greygoose.

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greygoose in reply to Angelic69

Grave's antibodies stay in the body after removal of thyroid, yes. Hashi's antibodies don't, but Grave's do. But, I don't know if they would increase or not. And, I don't know any way of reducing them, I'm afraid.

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Angelic69 in reply to greygoose

Ok thanks greygoose.

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greygoose in reply to Angelic69

You're welcome. :)

The cortisol needs to be done between 8-9am for an accurate assessment of it - the range is from around 180-600 but that is for the whole day, cortisol should be at it's highest first thing in the morning.

Think it just turned 8am when I had the bloods taken so fingers crossed.

Is that a typo in your title & post - Graves' is HYPERthyroid, not hypo.

I am now Hypothyriod as I had RAI so no longer have a working Thyriod. Hence taking Thyroxine. Thanks for checking x

I originally got diagnosed with hypothyroid but letter from endocrinologist thought i had graves and wrote to GP to say so. Nothing was done or altered not sure if this is helpful.

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As you increased Levothyroxine from 100mcg to 150mcg ten days ago, there's no point testing until been on constant dose of Levothyroxine for 6-8 weeks

Vitamins and thyroid antibodies can be tested now

After coeliac testing, regardless of result, it's likely that strictly gluten free diet will help

I increased Thyroxine for nearly 5 weeks before dropping to 100 again on Sunday. Then had bloods this Tuesday.

The Dr has prescribed 25s to inrease to 125 in the meantime untill we get all the results.

Well I hope my £125 spent on the private bloods wasnt in vain as thats allot of money for me. Little concerned now if I had known would have waited longer but tbh I couldnt carry on taking 150. Ive already been cutting down on gluten and will gradually start finding alternatives....thanks for the infomation.

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