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These are my results six weeks after increasing thyroxine from 150 to 200 daily. Can someone take a look as I'm still not sure which are on and which arent. Thanks In advance.

LG thyroxine dose 200.0 ug/24th

Serum ferritin 178 ug/L. 5.00-85.00ug/L

Serum free T4 level 12.2 pmol/L. 7.00-17.00 pmol/L

Serum tsh level 0.77mu/London 0.20-4.50mu/London

Serum Iron level 13umol/London 9.00-30.00umol/L

serum transferring 2.3g/L.. 2.00-3.60g/L

serum vitamin B12 170ng/L. 145.00-910.00ng/L

serum foliate 6.9ug/L. 3.00-20.00ug/L

Blood count

Total white cell count 5.8 4.00-11.00

Platelet count 234 . 150.00-450.00

Red blood cell count 3.99. 3.8-5.8

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

17mm/hr. 2.00-16.00mm/he

There are a few more on here that I haven't listed..

Thanks again.

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Sorry couple of typing errors. Ignore the London it's predictive text and no glasses



The Thyroid function test results look ok, although I note there is no T3 result.

Are you sure that Ferritin result is correct? It's way over range and doesn't really tally up with your other results.

B12 is very low range in range and lots of members would advocate supplementation, prefarably with a sublingual B12 spray. I am pretty sure you can be symptomatic with B12 levels that low.

BUT ! More importantly, how are you feeling? Are you well on your increased thyroxine? :)



I have to say I do feel a little better in that I'm more alert and have a little more energy

I still have joint pain and have had a couple of episodes during the last week where I've suddenly started sweating and shaking and felt just weird

On both occasions I've had a drink and a sandwich and was fine. I had eaten as usual beforehand

Im still very tired by teatime and quite moody

Ps gp refuses to test t3 as he said its not needed they use tsh result.


Joint pain can be down to low vitamin D. My doctor says most people in the UK are deficient by the spring. You could try taking some (try 2-3 times the daily allowance for a week) and see if it helps. The one-a day vitamin D tablets usually contain just enough to keep you ticking over, not enough to improve a deficiency. If it helps you could ask your doctor to check your levels (you don't want to overdose) but he probably won't want to.


Yes ferritin result Is correct. Gp secretary said It's a little abnormal and to just make a routine appointment with the gp.


The episodes sound like hypoglycaemia, which is really common with hypothyroidism. Hopefully as you recover, it will settle.

Re- not testing T3- if they don't test your T3 levels, then the GP has no idea if you're converting the T4/thyroxine.

You may be one of those people who don't have the correct enzyme (-can't remember it's name-) to convert T4 to T3. How would you know? However, the fact that you've improved would suggest that you are converting some T4. :(

Your ferritin level needs checking with the GP, it may be an anomalous result, so don't worry.

If your TSH was 0.77, and the bottom of the TSH range is 0.2, why don't you ask your GP to increase your Thyroxine by another 25mcg? Or even 12.5mcg? Tell him about the leftover symptoms and ask could you try. Maybe another 12.5mcg/ 25mcg making a daily dose of 212.5mg/225mcg will be your "sweet spot" ? People with hypothyroidism usually feel better with their TSH as low in the range as possible. Make sure you always have your TFTs done first thing in the morning and don't take your thyroxine until after the blood draw, ideally 24 hrs after your last thyroxine dose.

Also, re the B12 result, your GP will tell you the result is fine, but it's not really- give some consideration to supplementing with the sublingual B12 spray. Keep an eye on that as well, ask the GP to repeat that test in 6 months- there is a link between having hypothyroidism and higher risk of developing other autoimmune disorders like B12 pernicious anaemia. Your current B12 levels are maybe a flag for something developing along those lines short/long term.

Sorry, not trying to be the arbiter of doom!!

Best of luck


Thank you for the advice. I'm going green to keep asking for T3 levels to be checked.

Regarding the B12 can I buy this myself?


Hi, yes know what you mean re T3 testing with GP!

B12 sub-lingual spray, you can buy Amazon/ Holland + Barrett. Approx £10.

Tablets /lozenges no good as usually absorption issues in the stomach. x


Thank you so much for your help and advice. It's much appreciated.


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