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Further results on ndt

Hi again

Last week I wrote that I'd had results back but they'd missed doing tsh.

I've been on 2 grains Nature Throid for 7-8 weeks now.

Last week my results were (minus tsh)

T4 9.5(9-19)

T3 5.1(3.72-5.7)

This week with tsh

Tsh 0.04

T4 11

T3 4.00

I don't understand why my T3 has now dropped when I've been on it a week longer than the first results

My symptoms are still butterflies in tummy and it feels anxious.

I was taken off levothyroxine because I wasn't converting properly

Went onto combo for 8 weeks with slight improvement to T3 ( it went to 3.1)

Then endo put me on 40mcgs T3 only and T3 increased to 3.7 but my tsh went up to 2.46.

I don't know what is going on.

My endo wanted me on iron as saturation was in range but low.

My Haematologist said NO iron as platelets already a bit high so had to stop the iron.

All this is doing my head in. It is making me feel very stressed.

Hope someone can help

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130369, FT3 may have been rising to 5.1 after being on 40mcg T3 only and is now dropping because 2 grains has only 18mcg T3. I think you probably need a half grain dose increase. Not sure why your endo didn't increase your T3 to 50mcg instead of switching you to NDT.


Hello Clutter

I don't know why endo didn't increase the T3 either. I think she rather likes ndt.

Any. My question now is what about my almost suppressed tsh?

Dies this still matter now I'm.on.ndt?

Thank you


130396, TSH is usually suppressed when on enough T3 or NDT. It's not a problem whatever thyroid meds a person is on. It's over range FT3 which indicates over medication.


Oh thank you so much for telling me that. So it's the T3 that's the important one.

Many thanks Clutter


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