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With regards to my last post about heavy bleeding and hrt I have been to see the doctor and she wants me to have the mirena coil fitted to stop the bleeding but I really don't want to, I am also waiting for my blood test results to see if there is anything else going on, I have read about it and slit of people don't agree with it saying you put on weight, loose your hair, fatigue, cramps some of which are the same as a thyroid problem, has anyone had the mirena coil fitted and what do you think about it, any advice would be great.


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  • I had quite a lot of pressure put on me to have one of these things put in. I refused and refused and eventually the doctors took the hint and it just gets mentioned these days and I refuse again. I never got on with the pill many years ago, and when I found out that the progestin in the Mirena is the same as in the pill I used to be on, it was easy to refuse. It is their "go to" solution. And maybe it does work for some, but there seem to be more who it causes problems for. My main issue was that if it doesn't suit you, you've then got to persuade someone to take it out for you, and it appears that's not necessarily very easy to get done.

  • Hello mummytina,

    I have never had a Mirena Coil fitted but my sister swears by hers and wouldn't be without it.

    However, I would not recommend you having one as you already have a thyroid hormone imbalance that could be made worse by the hormones in the Mirena Coil.

    I would concentrate on fixing the thyroid which may in turn fix the heavy bleeding. All endocrine hormones work together and any imbalance in one area will eventually show up elsewhere.

    I had heavy bleeding for years which miraculously stopped the day I started Levothyroxine. I know you are already thyroid hormone medicated but my point is just how related they are.

  • Hi, Why can't you try a different HRT? Or doesn't the GP think that will help with the heavy bleeding?

    Re coil: I 've had a copper coil in for over 7 yrs, no experience of the Mirena one although my sister has one and it stops periods. She seems ok with it.

    I (pre- thyroid +menopause diagnosis !) opted for a copper coil because I had a long history of migraine + wasn't allowed the pill.

    I have been on HRT evorel patches for almost 6mths and having bleeds again, which are lasting 11days. Bit of a nuisance really but the HRT seems to help with some of the symptoms I thought were to do with thyroid.

    Hope this is helpful !

  • I had one 12 years ago not long after my child was born. I was fine with it or so I thought.... I developed what they thought was Benign Intercranial Hypertension/Pseudotumour Cerebri. I had really high diastolic blood pressure (as in my personal trainer said 'leave the gym immediately and go to your doctors over the road right now') and then my optician noted swelling on my optic nerves - apparently all related. I was started on hypertension meds at the age of 30 years.

    The consultants made no link between the two, and with my hypertension controlled by meds and an aggressive weight loss strategy of a VLCD, I had it removed at the 5 year point, as planned. Then in 2008 I agreed to having another one because of the heavy periods, and I had never made a link with it. This time I felt really poorly within days, mood dipped, blood pressure up, weight gain, really felt unwell as well as the fact that I carried on bleeding for months. The doc said give it time to settle so I limped on using the usual herbal supplements for mood which normally help me but I couldn't improve, so I demanded that it was removed at 3 months, which they weren't happy to do, but I knew I was getting worse day by day.

    I made no link to the Mirena and my original problems all those years ago until a google search (literally last week) threw up the fact that there is legal action in the US because of a suspected link between Mirena and Benign Intercranial Hypertension..... I was shocked!

    Last week a locum doctor suggested it to me again for the bleeding I am having which is really difficult to manage the last 6 months.... I said no thank you ;-).

    She said there were medication options such as tranexamic acid.... however the pills are huge, I haven't managed to face swallowing one, as I have choking sensations anyway as part of my hypo symptoms....

    Here is a facebook page on it: facebook.com/LIFEWITHIIH/po...

    and a quick google will bring up much more info...

    I guess the risk is probably statistically small , but I would just say research it very thoroughly.... I know for myself that I do not get on with artificial sex hormones.

    Wishing you good luck and good health :-)

  • Thank you everyone for replying and for your help I don't think I will have one I'm going to see how the bleeding goes, thank you all once again .


  • I had a mirena coil fitted to help with heavy bleeding problems. I've found it really helpful. You could always try it, and then have it removed if it turns out it's not right for you.

  • I think your problems may well be due to undertreated hypothyroidism. (You don't give any details on your profile so am assuming hypo).

    Female problems are rife with hypo and maybe a decent thyroid hormone will alleviate your troubles.

    This is a link which might be helpful.


    P.S. docs will give you a prescription for any medication for the symptoms other than what we really need - a decent thyroid hormone for our 'whole body'.

  • I have had the mirena coil and I have never looked back. It was the best thing that happened to me. I had heavy bleeding after having 4 children, two of which were twins. I was told my womb was bigger and juicier!

  • I put off having the mirena coil for a few years as I had read a lot of negative reports. My periods steadily got worse despite 3 polyp removals. I then was diagnosed with fibroids and endometriosis and was severely anaemic with combined with my ongoing thyroid problems I thought I was on my way out! Sounds dramatic but I was so ill. My gynaecologist said it had got to the stage of the coil or hysterectomy, so I finally had the coil fitted with trepidation. I bled for the first month, was a bit spotty and breasts were tender but all bearable and didn't have a dreadful heavy period. 4 months on I have a light period about every 6 weeks now and my endometriosis is much improved. I have felt possibly a bit more tired but have had a very stressful 3 months and I still have ongoing thyroid problems. My iron levels have risen, my dreadful periods gone, still get some pmt but no worse than before really. All in all glad I had it even though I didn't really want it! My doctor did say..just try it and if after 6 months you hate it I will remove it, that made me feel better!

  • My heavy periods have improved enormously since I started NDT in February. It's early days but last month having it just for 4 days and able to work normally was a relief. Mirena sent me bunkers within months but I never tolerated the pill too.

  • Hey - just to give my own experience. I bled for 6 month s after having it fitted but then didn't bleed again. Sadly though I suffered a range of other symptoms, the worst of which being dreadful migraines, so had to have it removed. Have recently had endometrial ablation for heavy periods - too soon to say if it has helped but I chose this above having another mirena

  • I had one years ago after having my second son. It was great to start with and I didn't have a period at all for about 3 months but then they came back and gradually got longer and longer until I was bleeding constantly, so I had it removed after about 2 years. I've tried various pills as well and don't get on with any of them so last year I opted for the permanent solution. I only found out last week that longer/heavier periods and shorter cycles can be a hypo symptom :-/

  • Mummytina

    Make sure that they have tested for the obvious - iron and ferritin!!

    Below is my very long story about the same problem, which I now have under control!

    I had ridiculous periods, to the point where it was difficult to leave the house on the first couple of days - I had to go out with large packs of sanitary protection and know where the loo was! (When I worked it out, I was losing about half a pint of blood a day, on the first couple of days, and eventually was spotting most of the month.)

    The doctors kept offering the Mirena - but I did not want to use it as friends had had problems with it and could not get it removed and also I had taken the progesterone only pill and had to be taken off it, because I bled too much and my blood pressure went up, so the Mirena did not seem ideal to me.

    They did offer endometrial ablation, but that seemed scary, and they also said that as I had finished my family, I should just have a hysterectomy.

    I was prescribed Mefenamic Acid, which was slightly helpful, and does help a lot of people, but which I seemed to have an allergic reaction to after several months. I was then prescribed Tranexamic Acid, which was brilliant - they give it in A&E, apparently, if you are haemorrhaging. Again I had an allergic reaction and now cannot take any aspirin based product (so no Ibuprofen etc! - boo!). It might be worth asking for it though, as both of these were useful and did what they said on the tin!

    Finally, when my lovely GP said that she understood how bad the bleeding was and would guarantee that (although she could not fit it) she would remove the Mirena straight away if I had problems, I agreed to have the Mirena fitted. A different doctor and the nurse tried to fit it, but despite having 3 kids, they couldn't fit it in (2 C-sections, I guess, although a friend who was not a mother had managed to have it fitted!).

    Eventually I went to see my GP and burst into tears. I said that I was soooo tired and was barely able to function. She immediately said that it was probably my thyroid since I was having such heavy periods and that she would test my iron.

    TSH was 'normal' but my iron and ferritin were ridiculously low (undiagnosed despite the regular visits due to bleeding and thyroid antibodies, which meant 6 monthly blood tests anyway!)

    Since starting on double the amount of iron (I had already been taking 322mg of ferrous fumarate daily for several years - so she said to take twice that) and self medicating on (finally just) T3, the periods are better. I can easily manage and don't get as light headed, when I have my period. I also have normal hair again and it doesn't break as easily, which is a nice bonus!

    Good luck with finding something that works - don't take large amounts of iron (Floradix etc should be fine though) without knowing what is going on, as iron can be dangerous if you take too much.

    I am now about to turn 50, but am still having regular periods. But roll on the menopause!!

  • I was about to have a coil (possibly not Mirena though) fitted in 1978, but at the last minute got cold feet about it. This was through the then Family Planning Clinic. When I next saw my GP, he said it was a good job I hadn't had it done as if you had had a C-section it could perforate the uterus wall.

  • I think that the Mirena is much better than the old type coil. The old coils were made of copper - but I am not sure why any type should be more dangerous after a C-section? Maybe it depends on the type of section? I have to say that I tend to research everything thoroughly and had not heard that one - lets hope that is something from the past!!

    My sister has a Mirena and swears by it - she has only had a couple of light periods since she had hers fitted, but she was also able to take the pill.....

  • I had the mirena coil put in in June last year... I had read all the horror stories and was dreading it. I have to say I wonder why I didn't do it sooner, it is great. I had been rapidly getting worse with Hypo symptoms around the same time, but started medicating with NDT in December and I feel great. I know it is not for everyone but, I highly recommend it. I could no more go back to the days of not being able to move for fear of "the flood" than I could to T4 only...

  • Nasty artificial hormone filled thing - fake progesterone is implicated in many chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer. If your GP feels that you need progesterone, you should ask for bioidentical hormones. I don't know about Mirena, but most coils make heavy bleeding worse.

  • Hi angel of the north,

    , I'm reading through posts seeking help on mirena coil,

    I've just had mine removed 4 weeks ago and pmt is back, I hadn't realised how bad it felt, What is the Bioidentical hormones you mention?

    many thanks 🌸

  • Bioidentical hormones are biochemically the same as the ones your body produces, unlike the hormones in Mirena or ordinary HRT (which are deliberately made different so they can be patented). You need a doctor to prescribe them (not NHS usually, although a few do) after assessing you to see what you need. You might find that a natural progesterone cream helps (although it might not be strong enough after your body had got used to a Mirena). You can buy creams online.

  • Aw, OK Angel,

    I'm try to decipher, what might I ask my doctor for? What kind of tests?

    And failing that, which I probably will,

    can you suggest the best cream?

    Or where I might buy them? I'd read about low progesterone years ago, and felt it was totally me,but didn't know what to do about it.

    I've since read about Progest e complex, from searching posts on here, might this do the trick? 🔌

    Thank you 👌🏼

  • My doctor prescribed on symptoms originally, and I only know the tests I had done later but I am post menopause so it won't be the same. You need to search the internet for a private doctor who does bio-identical hormones. Same for natural progesterone cream - search the web. I found Serenity quite good , But there are lots of other brands.

  • I had one fitted and rapidly became unwell (perhaps in conjunction with dental band) I gained weight, mood swings etc etc. Struggled physically to get it out, eventually had it removed in theatre but without anaesthetic. So would not recommend.

  • If you dont want a mirena coil fitted dont have it. Your bleeing may be down to fibroids, endometriosis or something else. I had one not long before my hysterectomy and it made my gynae problems much worse - heavier bleeding with more frequent flooding and I also became severely anaemic, horrible mood swings etc. They doint suit every woman. But Gp should investigate the gynane problems and not fobb people off with the mirena coil as a miracle answer. I was unable to tolerate it, and did not need to be on it anyway

  • I had one fitted 3 yrs ago at age 48 due to heavy/close periods. My doctor didn't investigate proper treatment of Ferritin/B12/ vitamin mineral levels. I felt fine/OK ish on it for about a year and it did stop the periods which was great. However after about 18 months I felt terrible and I am convinced that it has made my underactive thyroid symptoms much worse. The weight gain I think was caused by Mirena as was the awful moodiness and not feeling able to function. After 2 1/2 years I had it out 8 months ago and I think my body is only just starting to recover from it. Do a search on "Merina symptoms or crash" it makes for some interesting reading for people who it hasn't worked for.

    I believe that my heavy periods were a symptom of thyroid levels not been looked after properly. I wish I had known about this site before I had Mirena fitted!

  • I'm on my 3rd one and honestly, I would be without one. I've been suffering from Hashimotos for 20 years now and with that comes heavy bleeding. I even suffered from flooding, which you work with children isn't something you want to put up with. My life was on hold, because I had to plan everything around my periods. Just try it. I've suffered no side effects and can only say positive things about it. I wouldn't be without one now.

  • Hi I have been through same everyone pushing for me to have coil, I have resisted. When I saw my gynea surgeon he said if I was properly medicated things would improve but I currently take 175 levothyroxine and had endometrial ablation in the end. My levels still too low, but there has been improvement to bleeding. Glad I didnt have coil, was taking the contraceptive pill for years. I was prescribed the usual options but nothing worked. Hopefully they will put thyroxine up to 200 soon then I will feel human for a while lol best of luck!

  • Hi there,

    GP's putting you on the Mirena coil is the easy option and they get paid to fit it whether you need it or not. My GP tried to get me to go on it many years ago and I refused because I didn't need contraception (I'd been sterilised) plus they can move and puncture your uterus causing worse damage. I thought I was starting the menopause early at 39 years old because I was experiencing heavy periods again and they were becoming irregular, plus I had night sweats and was gaining weight. My GP refused to do the blood tests but I now know that it wasn't the menopause but actually an undiagnosed underactive thyroid that caused thyroid cancer in the end. The cancer was diagnosed 2 years ago and I'm still on the long road to recovery.

    As regards what is best for you, I cannot really advise other than to follow your gut feeling and make sure you do plenty of research so that you are fully informed before you make a decision.

    Good luck.


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