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Mirena coil


Hi all, i suffer from very heavy irregular periods and doc has advised me to have the mirena coil fitted to try and regulate. I am just concerned about the impact it will have on my Hashimotos. I have read some conflicting information on the internet about side affects which concerns me. Has anyone had success with the coil fitted? I would just love my periods to lessen and can safely say i am looking forward to it stopping during menapause as it is really disrupting my life at the min. #not#fun

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I was thinking of submitting the same sort of question. I will be watching closely the replies. I've made an app to fit one next Tuesday. Although my periods have got better since adding T3 to my 125 Levo. I'm hypo.

annette12 in reply to Brubru

Hi my doc wont prescribe T3 so frustrating. I hope it goes well for you. Please let me know how it goes for you.

Brubru in reply to annette12

Gp sent. me to endo about two months ago. Added 20mcg to my Levo and so far it's been going really well. Light period no PMS not much pain.

annette12 in reply to Brubru

Thats brilliant for you. Im gonna go back to doc and asked to be referred to endo again. I need my life back. Thanks for helping.

Not sure if the mirena will interact with your Hashimotos ( I am hypothyroid following TT for Ca) but I am on my third mirena coil and peri menopausal, having had a dreadful time in my twenties and thirties. I can honestly say having the mirena gave me my life back and stopped twenty years of chronic anaemia due to excessive bleeding. It also reduced period pain and PMT. I hope some of the more knowledgeable people on this site can answer from an auto immune point of view.


This is another thread about mirena: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu....

Thanks everyone im really confused on what to do. Think i will go back to doc for a good chat and discuss options.

had one for 7 years, they left it in as due for removal but was by that time peri meno Wish Id had years ago as suffered horribly all my life pmt etc. Stayed in till bloods confirmed meno over- didnt have as much as one flush/symptom. Dont know link with hypo as only recent diagnosis for me.

ps - you can always have removed if it doesnt work out for you

Are you sure you are optimally medicated for the thyroid. Now I am on a higher dose my periods have returned to normal having previously been coming every 2 - 3 weeks.

Hi i was thinking this aswel. My latest results was a mth ago free t4 21.3 range 12-22

Tsh 0.64 range 0.3-4.2

Doc will not check T3.

My period at min has lasted 10 days and last one 12 days terrible cramping. Thanks for response

Your results look good on paper but how are you feeling. Do you still have any hypo symptoms? GP has never tested my T3 either unfortunately.

Hi I would say I am likely perimenapausal so its very hard to say if my symptoms are thyroid related. had a recent hormone test which was normal so not sure what to think. I am 46. My doc knows nothing about thyroid and just looked at me dumbly when I asked about T3 so frustrating. I know if I get the mirena fitted and it diesnt suit I can have it removed and il never know unless I try. Thanks for helping.

Me the same. Ive just turned 51. Was beginning to put it down to 'my age' and wondering if all my residual symptoms were down to that. However never had a hot flush - chance would be a fine thing - I have absolutely no hypo or menopausal symptoms now apart from feeling the cold until a couple of weeks ago and my memory is a little flaky on occasions. Now this fantastic weather has arrived I am symptom free or so it seems at present. I wish you well whatever you decide.

I would highly recommend it. I will say they are 'uncomfortable' for the first month or two but no where near as bad as the constant pain I was experiencing before and as for the bleeding, what bleeding. I was so heavy before I told the doctors to 'take it all away' I was told I could not have children so it was of no use to me and i only had a couple of days a month without pain or bleeding so was at the end of my tether. Eventually in my thirties a new doctor suggested the Mirena and thank god. Now I might get a couple of days a YEAR of light spotting and may be a few cramps but nothing like what I used to get. Everyone I have every spoken to has always sworn by them. Apparently there are different types too you just have to talk to your doctor. But they last about 5 years then you get another one WONDERFUL. I had a few months gap between mine but hated it so on my second and as someone else said if it does not agree with you they can take it back out at the surgery. Hope you get on OK, good luck xx

Hi its very promising to read how great you felt with the mirena. I really hope if I do have it fitted I will be a diff woman, fingers crossed....!!!

I had a terrible time with it, became very hypothyroid and also it became 'lost' and I had to go to hospital day surgery to have it removed. So on a personal level would not recommend.

I had one when I was younger and it helped me a lot my bleeding was really excessive before it was fitted. I never had any problems at all with it. I wish that I had been given it much sooner. I refused a hysterectomy and have never regretted it.

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