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Result help please

Hi test results on 100 levo:

TSH 0.13 (0.27-4.2)

T4 23.1 (12-22)

T3 4.4 (3.9-6.7)

Vit D 54 (50-140)

Test results on 75 levo 5 weeks later

TSH 3.6 (0.27-4.2)

T4 14.1 (12-22)

T3 3.6 (3.9-6.7)

TPO 79 >50

Endo says levels are good and better on this dose. I can see very low T3.... I have asked to have a trial of liothyronine to add, will think about it and discuss at next appointment.

I'm also unsure about the TPO antibodies as he says no to hashimoto.

Been suffering being hypo for over 15 years and last 5 my levels are all over the place.

Any advice / help? Much appreciated 😊

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Its clear to anyone who knows thyroid that you are not converting t4 into t3

maybe low ferritin or folate or b12 or vit d3

or maybe D102gene

either way you need t3 /liothyronine or self treat with NDT

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I've got another follow up at the end of the month, I will follow it up and ask for some vit tests - thanks reallyfedup123


Hmmm -how are you feeling?

To me your second lot of results looks like you are under treated -your Ft4 is low in range and your TSh is really quite high for treated hypothyroidism. i would have thought you feel better on the 100? Am guessing the endo didn't like your ft4 being slightly over range on the 100 hence the reduction but it is too severe. I agree you might find adding some T3. liothyronine, helps. What is your endo knowledge on thyroid -a lot of them specialize in diabetes and actually know very little about treating thyroid conditions.

Also your TPPO is definitely above range so am surprised the endo has said it is not Hashis.......hence anoher query over what the area of specilalism is with this endo.... If Hashi's then many people do much better when T3 is added in or on T3 only.... Gluten free diet also helps to calm down the autoimmune response too...but you probably know all this!!


Tired tired and more tired!!

I begged my gp for an endo as been suffering from odema.

Maybe I should put to endo one day 75 the next 100.....but t3 is def under the range, maybe he has to speak to his superiors as this was my second appointment and it was with a very young registrar, so to be honest I'm not even sure what knowledge his area is whether diabetes or thyroid!

He was more concerned with a ct scan I had on my kidneys he thought I had cysts on the adrenal glands, but it appears kidneys are fine and he wasn't clear where I had cysts, am going to phone up tomorrow and get clarification- am assuming cysts on overies or PCOS?


Am not surprised you feel tired with those results!!!!

I'm afraid I know very little about PCOS so cant comment am afraid.....perhaps someone else will?

Hmm the registrar may have been out of his depth to be honest.....who's the endo? -might be worth looking the actual endo up and finding out how thyroid friendly he/she is. if friendly you could ask to see the endo for your next appointment. Did they test you for the other autoimmune thyroid blood test? -am trying to remember what it is called - there is TPO and another one....anyone out there? Sorry brain fog!!


I'm only guessing PCOS as looking on Google you get cysts and as my periods went for a year then came back on the lowered dose. I've got so many hormonal things going on!!

Yes I will see on line if I can find the endos profile as the blood tests I've been having her name was on them. Not even sure if she is the one that has looked at them.

I know at my appointment the registrar was doing some tests and it wasn't until I got home that I looked up he was checking for cushings.

Yes there is another antibody test I do recall I also can't remember what it's called, but no that wasn't checked just the TPO one.


Hi, I think you would be better on 87.5mcg thyroxine, looking at your last 2 TFTs. Alternating between 100mcg and 75mcg daily doses. I think your most recent TSH is too high and your T3 is below range. Be really adamant next appointment that you want to trial T3. You must be feeling horrid with T3 levels that low. x


Yes I see a massive leap in TSH on the 75 dose. Why they don't do different doses in levo other than 25 as I'm sure im not the only one that would benefit!

I am going to definitely push for some lio in the mix - it's there in black and white that its low so hopefully...... Fingers crossed.

Exhausted, depressed and fat - desperate for some energy levels now, thanks for reply rach67 x


Levothyroxine takes days to work so alternating doses on different days is fine so long as it works out to the correct amount at the end of the week. I used to alternate. Just get a pill box with days of the week on so you know where you are.

Also Hashimotos can make you hypo and hyper so results can be a bit scewed by this too.


Thanks flower007 I have a pill box at the moment as I'm terrible with remembering to take it, even though I have taken it every morning for 15 years!

I did mention to the registrar that I have good days and bad days, very up and down with energy levels, more down than up.


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