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Below are my readings:

On 100 levo only:

TSH 0.13 (0.27-4.2)

T4 23.1 (12-22)

T3 4.4 (0.27-4.2)

On 75 levo only

TSH 3.3 (0.27-4.2)

T3 3.6 (3.9-6.7)

T4 14.1 (12-22)

Last 6 weeks have added t3 20 a day split one half morning one half pm. I was hoping this would help with my odema and swelling pains in my hips, legs and cankles.

Do you think levo is causing this swelling? I have an appointment in July with Endo, just disappointed that I don't feel any different in energy or odema. Fed up now as it's taken me 5 years to get t3 and now this doesn't appear to be the magic cure

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Mandys, you were a little overmedicated on 100mcg Levothyroxine as FT4 and FT3 were slightly over range. Did you reduce Levothyroxine before adding 20mcg T3?

T3 isn't a magic cure but your FT3 was already good so that may be why you aren't feeling any benefit yet from the T3. 6 weeks isn't long in any case to rid you of symptoms you've had for five years

Hypothyroidism, not Levothyroxine, is causing the swelling and oedema,


Sorry I put the wrong range in the t3 on the first test.

I haven't had bloods taken yet for the t4/t3 combi yet will get bloods june time before my appointment in July.

Do you think I will start to feel any benefit soon? T3 being active I really thought I was going to start to feel energized straight away!


Mandys, ok TSH and FT4 were good, there's plenty of room for FT3 to improve.

T3 does work quicker than T4 but it isn't an instant fix and I certainly never felt energised when I added it to T4. The improvement in symptoms was gradual over several months. I didn't have oedema and I believe that can take a long time to resolve :(


Are you still on combi now?

I have been gradually over around 5/6 years swelling more and more. I had a bad nights sleep last night,, felt like I was swelling up horrible feeling.


Mandys, I am as the combination is working for me. I haven't had the same problems as my hypothyroidism is due to thyroidectomy so I didn't have a build up of symptoms to deal with although I had plenty of other problems due to not tolerating T4 only.


OK thanks for reply, glad to hear combi working for you, maybe I need to persevere a little longer!


Agree with Clutter, slightly over medicated but conversion pretty good. I would forget the T3 for the moment and go back to 100 for 6 days and 75 for one. After 6 weeks get retested and post your results. One day less may bring you FT3 into the top of the range. FT4 bring slightly over doesn't matter but the three must be in range. If not then make it 2 days on 75 and juggle till the results are right. Then you should start to feel much better but again don't expect the new you to appear overnight! I would love to have your results, Levo seems to be doing what it should be but you need just to have a little less of it.


I have been on 100 levo for near on 16 years. All of a sudden my t4 went over. Was told to reduce to 75 which I have done for last 2 months. Haven't had retest yet for combi.

Just want rid of the odema now that I have had for last 5/6 years.

Why do you think forget t3 as to me results look low still.

I didn't actually feel good on levo after 20 years to me it stopped working and the odema came. I had read good reports about t3 getting rid of odema. That's why I battled Endo for it.


My comment was written before you changed the ranges so you may have a point. It's the incorrect ranges that I was envious of! As you are due for a retest I think you should do that and post again as now you have added the T3 it might be very different.


If it were me and from what i have read..cutting more t4 out or being on t3 only, is what works for many with this type of swelling. Or ndt at high doses. The important thing is getting your t3 up to relieve symptoms, not to change labs.


I have found a good endo, lets hope I see him at my next appointment who goes by how I feel and not at the blood test results. He said my TSH was better at the higher end (feel poo on both results!!)

I myself thought about cutting down on levo or even stopping and going t3 on its own, not sure if I should wait for appointment or play about myself, in a dilemma and not being patient as was hoping this would work. Its really bothering me at the moment as I want to be girly and wear dresses and skirts and not to feel so self conscious.


This good endo, is still looking at TSH..he is not so good. He will not allow you to do t3 only or maybe no t3 at all. Don't be surprised if you have to go it alone. I have been trying for 4 years now, with all kinds of meds and combinations. I have symptoms of autoimmune disease and inflammation...meds don't get to the cells well when a person has inflammation..i think this is happening to me.


I think you are def right meds not getting to you when you have inflammation as I can't seem to get my vit D up in the last year.

I've got enough t3 to keep me going all of june, the Endo wrote prescription for 3 months.

Do people go higher on t3 like t4 starting at 50mcg and going up? Do you know much about t3?


I am on t3 only and have tried everything. I do know about t3 and have been following Dr. Lowes protocol as best i can and read parts of his book and forum, when he was alive..a real pioneer and researcher on the use of t3. What do you need to know? How do you take it now?

I would stop the t4 and go up on t3, by up 25mcgs or less, every 2 weeks or so, unless you hyper symptoms, then cut back by 1 quarter pill, waiting for the t4 to clear your system..then you would run out i guess. Dosing 1x per day.

You can contact Clutter for online sources in a PM.


Is T3 working for you?

What is Dr Lowes protocol is this a book?

Dosing 1 a day, do you mean just taking say 25 lio first thing and nothing else?

Sorry for all the questions!!


T3 has helped my weight and digestion and lessened my swelling, grown my hair back etc.. some things are still not ok, but it may be autoimmune symptoms or may be that i still need time to heal.

If you want good info on Dr. Lowe, i suggest you contact Shaws, who is an Administrator on this forum. She has all the links to info on doctor low, on hand.


Thanks faith63 I will look into this :-)


Do you know much about T3 faith63?

At the moment I take 75 levo and 10 lio first thing, then around 2/3pm take 10 lio. Do you think take 25 lio daily is enough and getting rid of levo?


I take 38..1and 1/2 25 mcgs pills, 1x per day in the AM. No Levo. The leveo kept me from being able to raise my t3 high enough to help symptoms. I could not raise my t3 for 8 weeks after stopping Levo..approx. If i go any higher, i get hyper symptoms.


OK got you, thanks for your help much appreciated :-)


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