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Blood Test Requirements

History : Age 67. 2008, Small B Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. 2013, Total Thryoidectomy. Arthritis onset in the year following the Thyroidectomy. Probably Leaky gut Syndrome from early childhood. Allergic reactions to: Penicillin, chlorine in swimming pools , seasonal hayfever, sinus problems etc., and many other annoying, dibilitating and oscillating problems associated with hypothyroidism.

Many, many things are just not right which make my life so unpredictable that we have to live each day as it comes. Therefore it seems that the obvious place to start in unraveling the conundrum is having blood tests.

As we live in France, we can arrange to have a Bilan Sante ( a comprehensive blood test) through the Fr health system but it will not cover vitamins and mineral testing. I am arranging to have a Bilan Sante this week and plan to arrange for other tests (privately) as recommended by people on this site next week, as advised by people in this forum, after I have had the results of the Fr test.

Should any other test be included as well as: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Folate, Ferritin ?

I would appreciate your thoughts and advice Many thanks

Whit Mist

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I would ask for the thyroid anti-bodies to be tested - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Hashimotos could explain so much.....

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Thanks for your reply Marz. Hashimotos - Having not known anything about Hashimotos I have been doing a bit of initial research about this and with my past medical history, there could be a indeed a link. I will be having the blood test tomorrow and do not know if the tests that you suggest are included. Will post results.

White Mist


Sorry White_Mist - I missed the bit about you having had your thyroid removed - so possibly Hashimotos testing no longer may have been what you had in the beginning though.....

I was in a rush !


White_Mist, If FT3 isn't covered on your thyroid tests I would order it privately. Thyroidless patients don't always convert T4 to T3 well and low T3 is what causes hypothyroid symptoms. You're ordering the recommended vit/min tests :)


Clutter Thanks for your reply. My GP asks for a THS US, which incorporates the efficiency of T4 and T3 to micro levels. As I am not particularly happy about lots of things that I am going to discuss with him next week when I have the results. Depending on the outcome, I will propose that a separate T4 & T3 be done separately.


Hello White Mist. Another one in France! There must be a whole colony of us.

I'm interested in you saying you're arranging private tests. May I ask how? I've been wondering about doing this but not quite sure how to go about it.

If I were you, I would add as many vitamins and minerals as you can to your list - vit A, zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, to name but a few. They are all important.

Hugs, Grey


Hello Grey, Thanks for your suggestions.

Although I have not yet had a private test in France, you can arrange one at your local laboratory and you do not always need a private ordinance depending on the test required. I guess your discuss with your Doctor for first as he may be sympathetic?

Our local lab can arrange private tests for vits and mins (they seemed rather surprised when I asked). However, they may be expensive depending on the test.

Initially, I will arrange for the private testing as suggested by Clutter at the same time at the Bilan de Sante tests Then, after seeing the Doctor for the results, I will decided what test amy need to be done before arranging any other private testing.

Grey, do you know that under the Fr health system you are entitled to ask for a Bilan de Sante (a comprehensive blood test) at regular intervals? You can ask your Generaliste for one. I am not sure how frequently you can have them though - I suppose it depends on your age, medical conditions etc.

Best regards :) White Mist


I do know, White Mist, and I avoid it like the plague! I do not want them to find stuff that isn't really a problem and try and stuff me full of unnecessary, dangerous drugs - been there, done that, and they love to do that! Not Wonder there is a 'trou dans le sécu'!

Ok, so, local lab. Not very sympathetic where I live. I was hoping you'd found something new, like a French version of Blue Horizon - but even then, I suppose I'd have to go to the lab to have the blood taken. Sigh.

I do not have a doctor at the moment - and I'm hoping it will stay that way! I've had a lot of doctors in the 40 years I've been here, and they've all turned out to be ignorant in the end, however nice they appear in the beginning. And they have all made me worse rather than better. So, I've fired them all.

This is not a critiscism of France, mind, it's an international problem when it comes to thyroid. So, I prefer to go it alone. But I would like to have my vits and mins tested occassionally - Don't care about the TSH! My last doctor, a year ago, laughed at me when I mentioned vits and mins : not important, he said! But then, he told me, with a straight face, that women Don't have testosterone. How ignorant is that! lol

I wish you well with your private tests, White Mist. How long have you been living here? South or north?


I have lived in the rural North for about 7 years full time. 40 years in France - lucky you :)

We have access to 6 different labs within about 45 minutes, depending in which direction of travel, and they are super-efficient.

I take your point about trusting GPs and am disappointed that you have not had a decent French GP that you can relate to easily.

I have a general mistrust of doctors no matter what nationality and am not easily impressed by them. Maybe I was just unlucky with GPs in England. In France, I have met good ones and bad ones alike. The system may be cumbersome and there are definite drawbacks but it generally knocks the spots of the UK NHS.

The Generalistes are not perfect by any means, but my own one is not backwards in coming forwards. When the need arises he can move like greased lightning. Generally, Radiologists are also quick and efficient in carrying out xrays, ultrasounds and CT scans with the results ready for collection either on the day of the appointment, whist in the waiting room or the day afterwards. It is standard procedure for a Radiologist to take you inside their office, explain the CT results to you, give a suggestion/advice, if appropriate, and will telephone the Generaliste directly if they have urgent concerns. Also, the Generaliste will telephone to speak directly to the Specialist if the need is urgent, to discuss the case and to make an urgent appointment

These are my own experiences and opinions and I am acutely aware that standards can vary enormously between areas and regions.

Having had the blood tests done this morning, the results were sent to me by email this afternoon with copies sent (also by email) to the doctors who generated the tests.

:) White Mist

The cost of my blood test was 49 Euros. 4 items, as I not have to pay for the Iron as it was included in Generaliste ordinance.


So, what was the test for? TSH, FT4, FT3 and... Or was it vits and mins? Bet it wasn't magnesium! My last gp said that cost about €350, and wouldn't do it. Not a reliable test, anyway.

Yes, I do know how the French system works. lol I have seen many gps and specialists since I've been here. All the gps I've seen were very ignorant, and all the endos. But I have seen some good specialist in other specialities. And the brilliant thing here is, you Don't have to be referred by the gp. You can just make your own appt. Had a lot of xrays, too, but avoid the clinic here because the people are not very nice. I've had several run-ins with them. But Don't mind xrays in the hospitals. I could write a guide book on the medical services in our area! lol

Rural North sound further North than I am. I'm just 45 mins north of Paris. Industrial town! But, you have to go where the work is, so that's how I ended up here. But I've also lived in Paris and way out in the country in a tiny, tiny village. I hated it!


I would be grateful if someone would look at these results and advise if any action is necessary?

I think that the bracketed numbers at the lower/upper value limits according to Fr guidelines.

Blood Test Results:

Iron (Fer serique) 104 μg/100ml (50-170)

Ferritin 59 ng/ml

Folate (serique) 5.00 (3.00-20.00)

Vitmain D 87.90nmol/L (50.00-150.00)

Vitamin B12 600pg/ml (189-883)

I am not taking any medication/supplements that will sway the above tests.

Could you explain what Ferritin and Folate does and why they are so important.

Many thanks

White Mist


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