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Hashi's Flare?

I have been doing extremely well on NDT for a year. Two weeks ago I got sick, then fell down the stairs and since then everything is going crazy. I have seen my doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist and no one can figure out why I am in extreme pain, not sleeping, feeling lethargic, constipated and just generally horrible. I thought I had gotten my life back and now it is all crashing down. It is now 4 in the morning and I have been up for the last two hours. The pain meds and muscle relaxers are not doing anything other than making me more lethargic. Any suggestions? I am on Vitamin D 10,000iu, ferritin, b12, adrenal support, and NDT. Is this a Hashi's flare that I just need to ride out?

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When you say you got sick, do you mean you had a virus? I can only say that I too was doing well until about 6 weeks ago. I had a virus that has totally crashed me. Aching all over, no energy, spaced out. Been going on for weeks with no sign of an end yet. I don't have Hashis - but I just think some viruses upset the system somehow and cause a relapse of whatever underlying conditions we have.

No proof of that, just a gut feeling.

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Yes, I had a nasty virus. Thanks rosetree.


((( Asmile4u ))) It could be a Hashi flare but it is more likely that your body is producing less T3 to enable your body to recover from the virus and that would make you feel lethargic.


Thanks Clutter. I will just wait and see.


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