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Hashi's Flare and OZ trip

I have noticed that a Hashi flare has been mentioned several times on posts but what actually is one and how would I recognise it?

Also I am travelling to Australia in late November, I self medicate with Thirioyd (NDT) .

But my prescription list says Levothyroxine!!!!

I wont be able to take my new meds through customs as I have no official record for it, so will I be ok to start Levo again for the holiday only? And when would I start? I take 5 grains a day now.

My other point is the time difference. How do you take your meds? has anyone already done this ?

Many thanks xx

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rgraham186, a 'Hashi flare' is when Hashimoto's attacks the thyroid. It may become tender and inflammed and some people may feel overmedicated/hyper as thyroid cells can dump hormone into the blood stream as they are destroyed and die off.

I think it is unlikely you would be prevented taking Thyroid-S through customs. Take only what you need for the holiday in the original Thyroid-S container so it can easily be identified if you are challenged about it. Take Levothyroxine with you in case, ideally in the box with the dispensing pharmacy sticker on it which has your name and directions how to take it.

If there is a 12/24 hour time difference take an extra dose on the journey and switch to taking your meds on local time when you arrive.


Thank you so much for that. I have Hashimotos and wondered about it but now realise that has never happened.

That is good advice re customs it's just I was told you could not take medication with no dr's script.

Will now take it as you suggested and the levo for back up.

Sydney is 10 hrs ahead andwill work with that .

Thanks xx


rgraham, I don't know whether there is any penalty for not declaring meds without a script. I imagine they will be confiscated if discovered.


You are right they would just be confiscated. I had never thought about actual container for them but only enough for holiday in case they were. Bit brain fog I think



Meds should be in hand baggage in original box//container with the dispensing pharmacy label on the front. Ideally it would be good to take your prescription copy too.

My husband has insulin dependant diabetis & I'm hypothyroid. We have travelled extensively and never been stopped going through airport security even though he carries needles and I carry enough supplements to sink a

It may be complacent but I don't carry all meds//sups in original packaging as this would be unmanageable so just do my thyroid meds.



Thanks Flower :) x


So long as you are there for a bit you can always order some more over the internet to your Oz address, surely?


Only there 16 days Aspmama, but if problem I could try hospitals/doctors xThanks


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