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My proof that Stress gives Hashi Flare + Low Cortisol

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I had considered myself 'more or less' healed earlier this year, after 36 years or so of feeling utterly revolting. Then I had to move - vile millionaire landlord gave me notice after 8 years and I had to move within 6 weeks. So, decorating & scrubbing house to get my full deposit back. Then I managed to find a new place, got here & discovered it probably hasn't had a deep clean in 18 years (ie since my new landlord first owned it). So more scrubbing, steaming, painting. Plus a psycopathic neighbour has been hassling me over the communal car park. My son & grandson visited on Sunday, my son parked his van behind my car; ar*ehole neighbour knocked my door at 4.30pm saying his wife couldn't get her car out tomorrow at 6am. Well she would be a very poor driver if she couldn't simply drive round the back of my son's van. But my son was leaving at 6pm, so neighbour was somewhat jumping the gun.

So - masses of horrible stress. Boy, did my adrenals go down. I felt like I did way back in the 1990's. We Hashi's sufferers definitely need to keep all stress away.

But what should we do when it hits us ? I truly was not ready for nightmare neighbour. I need tactics to protect myself.

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Hi Marigold, Pat yourself on the back for all the feats you have accomplished lately. Moving anything seems harder as one gets older, ourselves included.

As for your neighbor I look upon it all this way: If you took a dog for a walk you know what to expect right? The minute the dog sees a squirrel for example it is off & running. You know dog behavior & exactly what to expect. You've learned to take their behavior in stride. It is what it is. Now you know your neighbor's behavior or have a fairly good inking. There should be no future surprises, it is what it is. In the same light you now should know likewise to expect such behavior, he won't disappoint! Expect the territorial stink over parking, the stink over this, the stink over that. Can you take it in stride?🐶

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marigold22 in reply to Clarrisa

I urgently need to learn to take it in my stride!! I've analysed it - it's still because I was brought up to be a people pleaser and obviously he was not pleased :-) So, sadly, I maybe have to say to myself - "all people (particularly the opposite gender to me) are psychopaths until they prove otherwise to me. If you follow my posts and replies, you will learn that my illness has made me cynical, wary, possibly got the tail end of PTSD, etc. I must try to do better !!

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Clarrisa in reply to marigold22

I look upon it 'Oh that's just so & so (whatever his name is), that is just the way so & so is ...' He may be projecting some running feud with the previous occupant for all we know. He is preprogrammed I'm afraid like some dog sporting about. Oh, that's just him.

Moving house is third I think in the stress tables. Behind death and divorce.

Not sure the millionaire comment has any relevance to this though. More likely he isn’t a millionaire and has been hit hard by the conservative tax changes to buy to let investment.

This means many landlords are having to sell up. Even if he is a millionaire I am sure he hasn’t decided to evict unless he has a good reason.

Very unlikely he was thinking let’s make this person suffer. This is why buying is preferable over renting in a lifetime.

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I mentioned 'millionaire' as he definitely lives in a mansion in the countryside. He was penny pinching to the point of painful, I decorated his property top to bottom at least twice, moved latches etc to re-align, did not call him out for a job that I could do myself. Does a normal person have a brand new fence erected onto wet mud? He refused point blank to pay for the concrete bases so his new fence fell down again after 2 years. Yes, he no doubt evicted me as a revenge eviction as I had started to call him out for jobs I could have done. And he wanted more rent which I wasn't willing to give him as the property was not worth it due to the poor state of it. Just to let you know - he has re-let it within one week. But I'm glad it all happened now..... much warmer, no grass to cut every week of summer, my washing machine is inside instead of being in an outhouse, etc etc.

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Clarrisa in reply to marigold22

🎉🎁🎊 (housewarming gift & party).

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marigold22 in reply to marsaday

With due respect, I did have my own house, but was unable to work due to being left to rot by the NHS with this debilitating illness over 36 years. I had to sell my house to live off the equity. Please be careful how you word your replies, many members are in a dire state financially due to this vile illness. It seems like you really haven't had a lot of suffering due to hypothyroid or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, or you are still married.

Yes happily married and i try and live positively as much as i can. My life has been impacted by thyroid pretty heavily. Doing a lot better than when i was much younger, so i am getting on top of the issues.

Revenge evictions are illegal and there is a lot of legislation on your side to prevent this from happening.

I know revenge evictions are illegal; I studied law - until I keeled over & got carted off to a psychiatric unit. I don't have the energy or desire to pursue him in court. He's a nasty piece of work, and I prefer to walk away. However, I'm much happier now in a much nicer property, for less rent per month.

Did you, by chance, read my post of about 17 days ago? Link below.

Please read the replies too. It shows the state many members have been left in through no fault of their own. Me included.

Oh Marigold you have my sympathy. Let me tell you about my neighbours and you will know then that I know how neighbours who seem to be being difficult can get us down.

One side = so filthy workmen refuse to go in, bin men refused to take their refuse. They have 18 dogs that are put out to toilet on an area that is outside my kitchen, because of the odd shape of our semi-detached houses. It stinks and I often can't open my windows in summer and come in from gardening stinking. Their two goats broke into my front garden and damaged it. Their pigs damaged my back garden and their dogs frequently broke into my back garden and do a lot of damage to plants. Their horses pushed over my fencing - that, at least, they did mend after a fashion. It's not a personal thing, their animals get onto the road and into other neighbours' gardens but don't do damage there, it's trying to get back through the fence they do the damage. One of their dogs has bitten my daughter's dog, it also rampaged through her just valeted (ready for my son's wedding) car after coming from their excrement covered back yard. We have also had in the garden their two rabbits, one ferret, many cats (that wisely move out) and I've forgotten what else. They scream at us (they scream at each other too and other people) if we ask them to fix the fences etc.

Other side = people whom I very gently told that there was leakage from their septic tank on my back lawn, I was expecting them to be utterly mortified with embarrassment but no, their reply was "it's not the septic tank, we emptied our pool" onto my back lawn!!! It clearly was effluent but since it rained I couldn't prove it to them for another month when again they at first denied it but finally the smell was so bad they had to admit it was. They then, some weeks later, without asking me, came round and dug up a very large amount of my back lawn, without lifting the turves first. Having found the source of the leak they dug a ditch to carry it ... the ditch finished at the base of one of my apple trees - now where would you not want your neighbour's excement??? They also went into my orchard and there dug a trench, several metres long and about half a metre wide, into which went the rest of the effluent. Awfully long story short, as this all took about 5 months and remains unresolved though the effluent has at last gone, my lawn has been left a real mess and quotes are over £1,500 to put it right. In addition they have cut down some of my lovely flowering trees (not growing onto their side of the boundary) and had aggressive rants at me.

Would you like to know how I cope? I repeat to myself, from Susan Jeffers I think: "No matter what anyone says to me, or does, I know I am a worth-while person" and I say to myself that for people to end up like that they must have had some very damaging experiences and they must have a lot of enemies and discord in their lives. My own home, in between, is a little oasis, perhaps your new home will be too, I do hope so.

thyr01d My heart goes out to you. And here's me jumping up & down on my floorboards because next door's Jack Russell is barking in the garden just to pass the time of day!

You can do something about your disgusting neighbours I would have thought. Environmental via council? Both sides are causing a health hazard. The police re. digging up your lawn = trespass and damage --- = compensation?

You said : I repeat to myself, from Susan Jeffers I think: "No matter what anyone says to me, or does, I know I am a worth-while person" I will start doing that. Thank you so much for your fab statement. I collect obscure, off the wall & philosophical statements.

This post of mine was, in fact, stating that I am now fully aware of the state of my adrenal glands. My brain fog has just about gone now (over last 6 months) and I've become consciously aware of which type of stress and the amount of stress affects my adrenals. I am just about able to handle physical stress, eg moving house, by saying to myself "this is only for a short time, take your time, no hurry". But if there is emotional & /or mental stress on top, I'm virtually in a coma. It takes 2 to 3 days of complete peace & quiet, good food, doing exactly as I want, for them to recover.

For decades I was going into severe adrenal fatigue due to mainly emotional &/or mental stress; but not physical stress. Now I can see exactly what was happening. Although I seem to be optimally medicated, my adrenal glands are still a weak point. However I will add that I have experienced more mental and emotional stress through my life than probably most people (eg losing 4 pregnancies, 2 divorces etc) so that may explain the reason for my weak adrenals.

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