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Advice Please. Hot Flushes


Good morning everyone.

it seems i am developing new symptoms on a weekly basis in addition to the numerous i already have. I am becoming a walking disaster zone health wise.

I am Hypo and nothing has changed with regards to my daily dose of 150mcg levo only, but on top of the multitude of other symptoms i am now experiencing something i have never, ever before, for the last 10 days or so i have noticed a fluctuation in my body temperature, one minute it seems fine and then all of a sudden i will get what seems like a hot "flush" where i go Really warm all over and then after a couple of minutes or so temperature seems to drop back down, this is happening at different times of the day or evening, whilst moving around or when i am sitting or lying absolutely still as well, in addition i feel as though my core body temperature has risen slightly. I have also noticed after a hot drink my temperature shoots straight up all over body, This has nothing to do with the weather, i know the difference and as i say i have never, ever had what seems like flushes.

I would appreciate any advice or comment, is this common with Hypo ? i am organising a further Medi Checks full profile but my last test 9 months ago showed

TPO 9 (range 0 - 34)

TGO 10 (range 0 - 115)

I know that low figures doesnt necessarily mean not got Hashis but i have been struggling with symptoms for 12 months now and this is the very first sign of temperature issues.

Many thanks indeed for any advice..


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Was going to say menopause hot flushes....... until i saw you are a Man.

I too, get the 'hot drink'thing, and the random flushes, but am quite a ways past menopause, so tend to think it's probably a thyroid thing now.

I have wondered if slight over medication is the cause , since when i lowered dose from 112 to 100 they went away, but then i ended of constipated and slow and useless, and had to up dose again to 112.

now they come back sometimes , but not constantly. i haven't got a clue whats making the difference.

But you can definitely rule out Menopause in your case.

sorry . i realise that's not much help.

SPD1 in reply to tattybogle

Hi, thanks very much for your reply.

I wasnt quite sure about posting about this particular issue because i get the impression that it's mainly ladies on here and i realise about menopause and hormones etc, mind you i suppose it can be a bit confusing trying to determine if a lady is having a natural flush as opposed to a thyroid induced one, i just wondered if there might possibly be other guys on here that had noticed the temperature thing, i appreciate it might indicate over medicated but would have thought i would have experienced it before now over the last 12 months when all my other symptoms began.... is all very confusing..

thanks tattybogle

tattybogle in reply to SPD1

I'm putting it down to 'Thermostat Knackered'

SPD1 in reply to tattybogle

Its interesting that you have experienced similar though. do you get them whether active and/or sitting still?


tattybogle in reply to SPD1

When active~ occasionally, but more often when sat still .

For awhile i thought it was caffeine , but even hot fruit teas do it. And often they just trot along without me doing anything at all.

I'm reassured to find a bloke gets them too, so i;m glad you posted on it

SPD1 in reply to tattybogle

its weird, i can have been sat or lying down absolutely still for lengthy periods and then all of a sudden from head to toe i'm roasting, then within a couple of minutes temperature is back down to normal, if i was over medicated i would expect to feel overly warm or hot constantly.... yet another symptom, i'm falling to bits :-(

Thanks tb.

tattybogle in reply to SPD1

i find them most distracting when i'm halfway round a roundabout. , but am now expert at adjust clothing and indicating at same time. i suspect there is a law against this tho'

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