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Hiya i have just asked receptionist to print off copies of my blood results so i can take them to my endo app at the hospital which is not linked up to our surgeries computer system she said she cant do it as my GP hasnt looked at them yet results came in on Mon 11th. So now i have to book app see my GP only he can authorise it.. 8 partime reception staff only 2 have been helpful i had to go in for b12 injection on 11th i asked are my results back answer was No.. They were sitting in filing tray to go into GP still not been looked at

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  • That is how it works in most surgeries, recps are not allowed to give out results before they have been seen by the GP. It's not the recps fault, they would be in trouble if they did otherwise.

  • Well if that was the case 2 other receptionist have always given me photocopies before gp has seen them it take ages before gp gets to look at them so now i have had to book app for tomoro with another gp who will be his usual unhelpful self i need these results to take to hospital endo app on Fri Thank You for replying!

  • If you tell the receptionist when your appointment is with your endo she can then arrange for your bloods to be signed off by your GP and a copy handed to you to take to your endo appointment.

    That's how most surgeries work.

  • Hiya Yes i did say to her my app was Fri she said best you book app tomorrow the Dr can look at them as not sure when they will get looked at otherwise.. Thank You for replying!

  • I have had this with both my GP and endocrinologist. They don't like to release the blood results unless the GP/endocrinologist have seen them in case there is something in there that might upset you. I know it does not help in your case

  • Well Thank You for replies best i keep quiet then as 2 receptionist will get in trouble i had the choice of 3 hospitals for endo appointments in my area my luck the hospital i chose isnt linked up to our surgery

  • If you sign up for Patient Access you can see your results online. This is an NHS system, not your local Practise's system, and the Results will be visible straight away, as soon as the hospital posts the results - I've seen some of mine before the doctor as they appeared over a weekend (unless they were there and just needed the doctor to confirm he'd seen them before I could see them, though one set wasn't visible Saturday night, was visible Sunday morning). You just need to go in and ask for a login id and password and for them to enable you to see Partial Results. My blood test results all the way back to my first one in 2005 are visible.

    You may have issues with some receptionists not knowing which boxes to tick to enable access - mine had to call over a nurse, who didn't know either, though she knew it could be done, and they just clicked boxes until it worked.

  • At least some practices still have not enabled viewing of results via Patient Access. Mine. :-(

  • Thank you !!

  • Just got some back not sure if they are the ones my Endo needs soon find out

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