really annoyed with my GP


having been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, i have managed to suffer almost 4 months of suffering every side effect symptom of taking levothyroxine. I go t so fed up with feeling like absolute rubbish all the time that I finally managed to get an appointment to see my GP with the intention of asking to see an Endocrinologist. No such luck! First of all he raised my dose and when I asked about NDT, he said 'I'm a synthetic man, I only prescribe Levothyroxine at the practice, so it this or nothing.' I am so annoyed. No only was he so dismissive with me, he just upped the dose without bloods and refused to refer me to an Endo. I said I would pay privately, but he said it wasn't worth it. I then called the private hospital to arrange an appointment and guess what? No appointment without GP referral! So very fed up with the whole thing. I even said how concerned I was that long term usage of Levothyroxine caused osteoperosis - something which I can't afford to have on top of rheumatoid arthritis in the spine - did not appear bothered in the slightest. I could cry I'm so frustrated with the whole thing. I just want answers and an end to all these horrible symptoms.

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  • Hi Louby, I'm so sorry your doctor is being such a jerk. But I'm confused. Who told you that long-term usage of Levothyroxine caused osteoperosis? I've never heard that before. And awful lot of people take levo for many, many years without getting osteoperosis. Are you sure you got that right?

    Hugs, Grey

  • I got told by the lady that was doing my bone scan that long term T3 use can cause osteoporosis, not T4.

    Is it possible for you to see another GP at the surgery?

    Moggie x

  • Were that the case, wouldn't the whole population have osteoporosis? Because we all use T3 all our lives. Or is she saying that it's the synthetic stuff that does the damage? Find it difficult to believe...

  • Just repeating what the technologist told me when I was having my scan and asked the question - whether she is right or not is, as you say, debatable.

    Moggie x

  • try to see another doctor or nurse practitioner at your surgery and tell them what a jerk that doctor is being you may find a different person more sympathetic to how your feelin if not see if you can get another doctor in your area most people don't get how crap this can make you feel

  • I'm really sorry you're having such a horrible time.

    I find that other people with thyroid problems are in the best position to offer guidance as to who are the most sympathetic GP s. If you are not a member of a local group, join one. If there is no group in your area, that does not mean there aren't lots of people suffering as you are, advertise in your local paper using a box no. for replies. If the idea of starting a group is too much - don't. The replies might throw up people who have the energy for this. You could use this site by mentioning the county you live in to possibly contact others in your area.

    What ever you do, DONT GIVE UP.


  • I have had a similar response re an Endo from one of the doctors I saw. She was more worried about the Endo ticking her off for referring me than my health. You have my sympathy. She did even want to test for antibodies. I might go to see her one day and give her a piece of my mind.

  • I have had a similar response to my previous GP. One blood test flagged up a high TSH but normal T4. GP told me not to worry about that.

    Months go on and I start getting more tired and constipated - blood tests keep coming back normal and within that time I saw two nurses at walk-in centres who were concerned I had a goitre!

    So I change GPs and in my first appointment I asked my new doctor if I could be tested for Thyroid Autoantibodies. They came back raised but with the TSH still normal, which, in their words, they couldn't get their heads around. What I had was autoimmune and was attacking my thyroid in some way, they appreciated that, but they didn't know what it was. By that time I suspected I had Hashi's.

    Within three months my TSH went up and my T4 went down, and I fully blame my previous clinic for the mess they've made. I've learnt to not give up and just persist, because when all's said and done I was right in not feeling well all along.

    Take care, good luck and I hope you feel better soon xxx

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