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Vitamins that help the thyroid

Well I'm hypothyroid and we'll still feeling a bit of brain fog , lost and confused , have a bit more problems etc.. my doctor had told me to take Centrum silver and B-COMPLEX vitamins are these ok to take together and can any one please explain to me what they're for I just don't really understand , Is it true that low b12 can cause dementia and Alzheimer's etc..

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Alzheimer and dementia patients test low in vitamin B12. But giving them the vitamin doesn't help them. Damage done?

Vitamin pills like Centrum are supplements. They are not therapeutic if someone is very low. B-Complex usually contain more of the vitamins. You can take both.

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Oh and can dementia and Alzheimer's come in this early age I'm just 18 and we'll I do have a kind of bad memory unless in just slow in thinking to being hypothyroid , well it's not that it's bad memory it's that it will take a bit to remember


Juangonzalez, it's fine to take the two supplements together but make sure you take them at least two hours away from Levothyroxine.


Have you been tested for B12, vit D, folate, iron, ferritin etc? Best to get tested before supplementing to see where your deficiencies are and treat them intensively. If you Don't have any actual deficiencies, it's fine to take a multi vit as maintenance.


Low B12 can cause symptoms that are very much like hypo symptoms. it can also cause depression. And it can cause neurological damage - neuropathy - in many places such as the brain and the feet.

All vitamins and minerals need to be optimal for good health. And if your vit D and iron are too low, you will not be able to use the thyroid hormone that you are taking.

I've posted many articles about the importance if vits and mins, if you go to my profile, you will be able to see them. They explain a lot. :)


Also I've wanted to mention that , I get angry a lot and very quick and I'm really impatient and stuff is this a hypothyroidism effect to ? I feel moody sometimes ?


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