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Hi all,

I am in the process of sorting my vitamins . I take iron and vitamin d so next on my list was my folate. It is 2.7 so I want to get it higher. I bought Jarrows methyl folate 400 mcg . I started taking it 2 weeks ago but after a week had to stop because my tummy became really bloated.

My tummy is ok now so it must have been the methylfolate.

I don't know why this happened but I still need to raise my folate level.

Please could someone give me advice on what I could take instead.

Thank You

Angela X

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  • Someone who has or is taking iron will respond. In the meantime, this link says iron should be taken with vitamin C.

  • After the good advice from this site of taking vitamin c with my iron it's the first time EVER I have been able to tolerate it.


    Angela X

  • Angela, try folic acid, it's what the NHS prescribe and sorted my folate deficiency. Not everyone gets on with methylfolate.

  • Hi clutter

    I will have a look at folic acid. Are there any brands you recommend ?


    Angela X

  • Angela, mine was on prescription and I can't remember the name. You should find a selection on Amazon. Please use the TUK affiliate link

  • Thanks clutter will have a look x

  • Check the ingredients of the Jarrow formulation. I tried Jarrow B12 and had to throw them and the £18 I spent on them away as they had sweetener in them. It may be the fillers rather than the actual methylfolate causing the bloating.

  • That's the trouble it costs a fortune buying vitamins and then having to throw them away. I bought a big tub of vitamin c thinking I was saving money but when they arrived I had ordered tablets by mistake not the capsules I usually have ( brain fog) and I couldn't take them.

    What brand do you take now ?

  • I tend to go to the same vitamin supplier for Thorne Research ones. On some things they can be a bit more expensive, but their ingredients tend to not affect me and to be honest that's way more important than saving a bit of money. I had the same idea as you but soon realised I had to be super vigilant. There is just too much crud in a lot of supplements from my experience!

  • Thanks Donna will have a look at Thorne Research and I will have to try and be more careful what I buy in the future.

    Angela X

  • No worries Angela, we're all just trying to live and learn huh?!

    Donna x

  • Hi, I don't know if this is any help, but have a read:

    Hugs, Grey

  • A very interesting read. I think the safest way to increase my folate is to eat lots of foods rich in folate.

    Increasing my vitamins and finding ones that don't upset my stomach is beginning to be stressful .

    Thank You

    Angela X

  • You're welcome.

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