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Vitamins, minerals and thyroid ultrasound

Hi all,

After a blood test on 11th of August my vit D level came 38nmol/l insufficient. Following this I started taking vitamin D supplement from Seeking health Optimal vitD3 liquid vitD3 2000IU per drop every other day. Then recently talking together with my husband and trying to calculate figures I changed my dosage to 1 drop everyday. I have various symptoms like insomnia, constipation sometimes followed by diarrohea, digestive problems that anything I eat even a sip of water causes pains that comes out from my back as a strong pain through my ribs around bra strap left and right, phisically tired and weak, mentally and emotionally dulled, lost drive and motivation. I am having an thyroid ultrasound due to two nodules on the left and one on the right found by a doctor. I have some questions that I would appreciate greatly if you could help me;

1-I am not sure the dose I am taking is right for me and have not get help from GP either. Tring to rectify the problem I don't want to take too high doses either. Any guidance on right dose would be for me please?

2-Following this how often I should get checked over my vit D levels? Yesterday my GP said they can only do once year which I thought this can be bit more closely observed due to low level start.

3- I feel also because of various symptoms I am having that slowing down my life quite a lot and making me not to function fully and properly and making me so miserable, I should get my vitamin and mineral levels checked too. Especially vitamin A ( I need more and more bright like to see details and read, my finger nails broken,brittle and flaky), vitamin B3 (insomnia,nervousness,mouth soreness, sore tongue, weak muscles etc), vitaminB1(general weakness, tiredness, digestive discomfort, stomach problems, abdominal discomfort, losing muscles, burning pain in the arms and legs, skin rashes, dry skin, forgetfulness, mental confusion, poor memory retention) and vit C. Again my GP said that NHS can't do these test because of cost implications.

Any help, thoughts, guidances please.

Thanking you all very much for your time in reading and in anticipation for your replies.

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Your VitD level was very low and a more appropriate dose would be around 5000IU's.

The above link is in a different measurement - so have divided your D result by 2.5 - so you can see for yourself the dose required to bring you up to 60ng/L.

Considering your other symptoms - are you enough thyroid treatment ? What is your dose and do you have any recent test results with ranges that you could post ?

Also Low B12 can present with many similar symptoms. Good levels of VitC or Magnesium should cure the constipation - taken at night before sleep.

Your GP should be able to test for Ferritin - Folate - B12 - Iron and also you need to know the FULL picture concerning your thyroid - so TSH - FT4 - FT3 and Anti-TPO.

I am not a medic - just a fellow sufferer - and constantly tweaking my supplements and diet !! There is so much to the thyroid condition - and it means we have to read loads and mostly do things for ourselves. VitD can be tested through the post with City Assays in Birmingham. They have a website.... :-)


Thank you Marz. This was my first posting and it was very good that someone there on the otherside that read my lines and reached me.

I am not on thyroid medication. In recent blood test shoved my Serum FT4 level 17pmol/L, FT3 4.6, serum TSH level 0.49mU/L and Thyroid peroxidase Ab 2.0 IU/ml.

As I mentioned tomorrow I am having the thyroid ultrasound for the nodules on my neck (please wish me luck).

My vitamin D check was entirely my own insistence from my GP and now I am thinking that maybe other vitamin deficiencies could have caused my other symptoms also the wide spread inflammation I have. This would be my way of going about addressing my health problems and hopefully helping myself. However all the mental confusion, fog etc I have, I would welcome any advice.

From the same test, my vitamin B 12 575ng/l which states vit b12 deficiency highly unlikely from the range 200-700ng/l

ferritine 65.9ug/l from the range of 10-250

serum folate 11.7ug/l from the range 3-20

I used to take 2gr of vit C as Solgar Ester-C plus a day but I wasn't sure calcium ascorbate was good for me, I stopped taking. I may have some hardening on my circulatory system. Now I take A Vogel's Nature C which gives me only 100mg vitamin C from natural sources. I do find trying to go through sea of information applying to my needs very difficult sometimes.

Thank you for the website link. I need to read it all. I am already thinking to raise my 1 drop to 2 a day for vit D.

Best wishes

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Hope all goes well with the ultra sound .... Your results are difficult to interpret without the ranges - your TSH is low -yet the FT4 and FT3 do not seem too bad - even without you posting the ranges :-)

Wishing you a good day tomorrow....


Hi ABC100 - Like Marz I'm also a fellow sufferer who is tweaking my supplements on a regular basis and have been looking into Vitamin D recently. A lot of recommendations seem to be to take Vitamin K2-Mk7 with Vitamin D3 supplements as this helps to redirect the calcium to where it needs to go and stop it depositing around your body inappropriately. The Vitamin D Wellness Protocol advocates starting D3 at 5000IU a day where levels are low, increasing to 1000iu a day after a week to bring levels up but to take it with 90-100mg of the K2. I can vouch for the anti inflammatory effects of B12/D3 supplementation as it's eased the pain in my hips/legs (more so since increasing to 1000iu per day), my hip bursitis has completely disappeared and I no longer limp. Vitamin D Wellness has a closed group on Facebook which is full of information


Hi Hunny59,

Thank you for your reply. Do you mean to say to start at 500 IU with D3, then increasing to 1000 IU after a week?

I also read about vitamin K2-MK2 with vit D3. All sounds very positive. I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but hopefully I will get the courage to start on K2-Mk7 soon. Can I ask what make you are taking?


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