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Updated labs - confused?

I appreciate everyone's help here. I am waiting for an appointment with the functional physician on 3/19 but got labs back today for thyroid that are confusing to me. Here are the most recent three sets:

11/20/14 (on 45mg NDT)

TSH 2.01 (.45-4.5)

T3 164 (71-180)

Free T3 3.9 (2.3-5)

T4 7.4 (4.5-12)

Free T4 1.17 (.93-1.16)

1/3/15 (on 60mg NDT)

TSH 4.89 (.45-4.5)

T3 138 (71-180)

Free T3 4.3 (2.3-5)

T4 6.7 (4.5-12)

Free T4 1.17 (.93-1.16)

3/5/15 (on 75mg NDT)

TSH 2.3 (.45-4.5)

T3 100 (71-180)

Free T3 2.9 (2.3-5)

T4 6.1 (4.5-12)

Free T4 1.07 (.93-1.16)

So this time TSH went down but all the other labs have been steadily going down. Vit D was fine and supplemented. Se was on iron for the first set of labs (had a ferritin of 19 prior) but when it had raised to 49 by late Nov doctor said we could discontinue except during her period. She did have a ferritin level drawn on 3/5/15, but results are not back in yet.

Continued hypo symptoms - cold, tired, depressed, anxious, hair actually has been looking better past couple of weeks.

She did repeat cortisol testing recently as well as stool testing due to stomach pain, IBS gas and bloating.

So disappointed she is getting no where. :( Any ideas of what else I should talk to him about?

Thanks again,


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Ferritin needs to be about 70 for thyroid meds to work correctly. Also need good levels of B12 (over 500, top of range better), folate, zinc and selenium. FT3 looks low for someone on NDT and TSH too high - undermedicated? If there are antibodies, it's worth going gluten free.


Thanks for the reply...waiting for ferritin results. All others you mentioned were good (B12 is actually out of range high). No antibodies, and she went gluten free a few months ago.


The dose is not yet an an optimum as the TSH is still too high (aim for around 1 or below or until symptoms go). When on NDT, it is o.k. to raise the dose every 2 weeks till you feel much better. Taking a record several times a day of pulse and temp as a guide. Too high a temp = too much and pulse too fast ditto and reduce slightly.


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