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Latest bloods on 50mcg's am I doing please?

Still don't feel well at all but these bloods were done after 5 weeks on 50 mcgs of levo. Was it too early? My endo used to do them after 4 weeks. Desperate to try my next raise of 62.5 / 50 on alternate days. Having to go slow because of side effects.

TSH 4.51 high. ( 0.27-4.2)

FT4. 14.5. ( 12-22)

FT3. 4.1. ( 3.1- 6.8)

I know I'm moving in the right direction but God do I feel awful. Any thoughts? Thanks x

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Joesmum, your TSH is too high, still over range, because you are undermedicated and this is why you're feeling awful. Your FT4 and FT3 are better than expected but need improvement.

If you struggle to increase by 12.5mcg daily increments, once you are comfortable on 62.5mcg/50mcg alternate days try 62.5mcg x 2 days and 50mcg next day, 62.5mcg x 3 days and 50mcg next day etc. until you can tolerate 62.5mcg daily. Build up similarly until you are on 75mcg.


Thanks Clutter. Great to have your in put. I'm going to start my 62.5 alternate days tomorrow. Do you think I should have waited longer than 5 weeks before having bloods done?


Joesmum, no, it wasn't too soon. 6-8 weeks is estimated to be needed for the full impact of a dose increase but waiting another week or two would just mean you remain undermedicated for longer.

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Thank you. That's what I suspected and even though my raises have to be slow I'm tying to make sure that I don't delay them either. If that makes sense?!


Joesmum, makes perfect sense. I hope you raise ok.


I am sorry you are feeling so unwell. 50mcg is a starting dose and when you are finally able to increase you might begin to feel much better. I hope so.

If, for any reason, after a reasonable time and gradual increases you still don't feel better. Ask for some T3 to be added to your T4 as it doesn't need to be converted and goes very quickly into your receptor cells.


Hi Shaws. Yes I know it's a small dose but it has taken 3 months to get to 50 and I'm chuffed to bits because I never thought I'd get passed 12.5 ! I'm incredible med sensitive so the big 50 was a cause for celebration. I'm glad you mentioned T3 because I may just have to add some in a few months if I'm still feeling this bad. I have a heavy work schedule in the Summer.........adding some T3 may help me get through it.


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