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Need advice for Drs

Have got the drs on wednesday next week following on from my last blood test they want to monitor me

TSH is 0.32 Range (0.34-5.6)

T4 is 12.20 Range (7.5 - 21.1)

I can see my TSH is good but again my T4 has dropped from 14.1 to 12.2 in 6 weeks,

I have not had a T3 check but i have checked and my surgery does prescribed T3 is now the time i put my

foot down and request it in medication or ask for the blood teat I think my next test will be in 6 weeks.

I currently take the following:

every day

100mcg levo every day + 2 nutri thyroid supplements tabs + Adrenal Cortex, 1 per day

Vitamin D3 1000ug per day

Vitamin B12 1000ug per day

Multivitamin with Iron

every other day

25mcg levo every other day

just after some help.


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I think you could ask for 10mcg of T3 to be added to your T4. I doubt if you can put your foot down as many doctors wont prescribe.

Maybe do a 'charm offensive' saying that as your TSH is in a good place but your T4 is too low to convert to sufficient T3, can I add T3 to the T4.

They should do a Free T3 but many wont.


Seeing as your T4 is so high I'm thinking that you may have a conversion issue, via a nutrient Deficency, as many nutrients are required in the whole process and if one is out then there can be a problem with conversion. Try adding in a broad spectrum B complex supplement also a selenium + ACE Supplement. Plus need iron and zinc levels checked too, as these are required in the conversion process.

Hope that helps...


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