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Now I need help !!!

My levo was doubled from 50mg too 100mg ( that probably should have gone up by 25mg )

6 weeks ago - I had been horribly Hypo for 6 years but with a GP determined to keep me at borderline until I went with info from here - the first bloods were done 6 weeks ago and the second set yesterday ... I havn't felt this well in years ( energy and mood and muscle aches all improved to near normality !!!) - so feel distressed that my Doc said she is lowering my levo back to 75 mg as my TSH is suppressed - but my T3 isn't even in the middle of the range yet . All key vitamins and minerals are normal. I did fast for latest test and no levo for 24 hours .

Why is my TSH so low but my T4 / T3 still only low range ? any help much appreciated ...

results 6 weeks ago :

TSH 1.62 ( 0.27 - 4.2)

T4 11.1 ( 12 - 22)

T3 3.4 ( 3.1 - 6.8)

Results today :

TSH 0.09 ( 0.27 - 4.2 )

T4 15.7 ( 12.0 - 22.0 )

T3 4.6 ( 3.1 - 6.8 )

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Many of us have to increase dose up in slow small steps, especially if been hypo for long time prior to treatment.

Normal is not a result for vitamins. Have you got the actual results? When on Levo we neeed these at very good.

For example the range for B12 is typically 210-780. If your result was 230 or 745 GP would say both results would be "normal" i.e. In range.


thanks - will checks vits again ... should I accept the lower dose even thou my T3 isn't even mid range yet ?


Yes you have to allow body time to catch up. Try to have some daily gentle exercise, walking or yoga etc. Nothing to strenuous or you just use up the Levo.

Also have you had thyroid antibodies checked, if not ask GP to do so. If they are high that means Hashimoto's. If you have Hashimoto's then you may find changing to gluten free diet helps reduce symptoms

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Your TSH is so mildly suppressed your GP really didn't need to reduce dose. Read Treatment Options in Email if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

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thanks Clutter - I'm still not totally happy with my T3 levels ( not even mid range ) - so I really don't want to lower my meds at all ..


The TSH isnt accurate once you are on medication but of course doctors go into panic mood-not helpful! Have a look on the Thyroid Uk site which will tell you more about where you need to be in the range for FT4 and FT3. Also point out that Thyroid Uk are recommended by NHS Choices.

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thank you ...


As you are feeling so good I think you should push to stay as you are! Still a good idea to get everything else checked!

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