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Oestrogen dominance?

Hi, yesterday I posted about being Hypothyroid, but I am wondering now if using Oestrogen

is giving me my symptoms. I use a very small dose and increased it last week to see if it would

help my hot flushes and symptoms, but it hasn't, in fact I am still getting the flushes and don't feel

right at all. I wondered if the aches and pains in my legs and all over are to do with Oestrogen

dominance, I'm itchy and anxious along with lots of symptoms, I do use Progesterone as well, but thought that maybe I don't need the Oestrogen any more.

Has anyone else had these problems, I would be grateful for any information and advice.

Many thanks.


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I think it would be helpful to know exactly what hrt you're taking. Is it progestin or natural progesterone? My own experience of hrt was that it didn't help my symptoms at all really (elleste duet) I stopped and bought some natural progesterone cream which once I got through some headaches really did help things along. However I needed the results of my blood tests to realise I was low in some vitamins and ferritin and despite supplementing them and going on a gluten free diet I still wasn't right. The next step was a private Dr off Louise's list who put me on ndt which has really helped. That has all taken 4 years so far! Now I think I may be reaching the end of perimenopause and am beginning to think about oestrogen to stop or minimise my hot flushes and sweats! Good luck!! My pains cleared up with gf and vitamin d.


Thank you for your reply, I'm using Evorel patches and natural progesterone. At first my flushes and symptoms went, but the last couple of months have crept back in. I've tried ndt and it didn't suit me, I also take vit D and iron, my ferritin is ok. I've been going through the menopause a while now, so I'm wondering if I need any of it any more.

I'm glad you're feeling better on your program.

Best wishes


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