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Hi, I posted my results not long back and since had some repeat blood tests. GP wanted to reduce my Levo based on TSH from 150 to 125. Saw my GP Friday and after a heated 45 minute appointment he agreed the 150 was the correct dose for me. I said that TSH based dosing was pointless and I would no longer allow them to mess with MY health. Looking back my TSH jumped from being suppressed to 4.9 on 125/150 alt day and to 12.4 on 125. So he had no option but to finally listen to me. I'm now on ferrous fumarate for low ferritin which is now only 11. Did not seem at all bothered that my Vitamin D and B12 are still low despite taking supplements. In the end he decided I needed to see an Endo. Not sure i really do? But for once I did leave the surgery happy I'd stood up for myself. So thanks for your help and advise x

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I am glad you are being referred and I do hope the Endo is a sympathetic one. Maybe if you put another post up asking if anyone can recommend some in your area and ask for it to be sent to your by Private Message.

For your GP, maybe he would like to read Dr Toft's article from Pulse online. If you'd like a copy email


Polina, well done standing your ground. I'm not sure an endo will bring much to the party but it should stop your GP titrating your dose according to TSH as most endos don't take kindly to GPs interfering with their patient's treatment.

GPs normally think vits/mins are fine so long as they are within range, even when scraping along the bottom.


Well done, you!


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