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Thyro-gold replacement T4/T3

Hi everyone, just wanted to ask for a bit of advice. Most of you know I am taking T4 (75mcg) and T3 (20mg) which has given me TSH 0.01, T4 10 (9 - 21) and T3 3.9 (3.6-6.5) My endo won't let me take anymore because it would be "very dangerous" so as I still battle with tiredness, weight gain, constipation etc I have started taking a little bit of Tiromel in addition to my prescribed meds - 1/4 tablet 6.25mg T3. However, I have got it into my head that I would like to try some NDT so I ordered some Thyro-gold and it has arrived. Looking at STTM website I think that 150mg capsule of thyro-gold may be equivalent to 1 1/4 (1.25) grains of NDT which is think is about 47.5 T4 and 11mg T3. Have I got that about right? or does the website mean 1 x 1/4 grain (0.25) which would be 9.5 T4 and 2.25 T3? Does anyone know? I was thinking of dropping to 50 T4, 20 T3 and 1 thyro-gold capsule based upon it being equal to 1 1/4 grains. Any advice would be appreciated :)

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Queridalady, 1.25 grains is 47.5mcg T4 plus 11.25mcg T3.

You are currently taking 75mcg T4 + 26.25mcg T3 which is equivalent to 153.75mcg T4.

If one capsule TG is equivalent to 1.25 grains, 1 capsule + 50mcg T4 + 20mcg T3 will be equivalent to 191.25mcg T4 which is rather a large increase.

Consider reducing T4 to 25mcg which will give you an overall equivalence of 166.25mcg T4.

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Brilliant. Thanks so much clutter! So grateful :)


This is a link which may help. At the time Dr Lowe answered these questions, there was only one capsule, i.e. 300mcg - then a 150mcg was added later.


150 mg may be “similar in effect” to 1 1/4 grains, but that’s a subjective opinion by some. The thyroid powder in the tablets are from New Zealand pasture-fed cows, plus there is 25 mg of Coleus forskohlii, which is said to promote thyroid function. It is a popular OTC product!

*More information on the use of BOVINE for religious reasons here.

The benefit is that you don't need a prescription and Dr Lowe developed it himself as he was outraged that patients were unable to get well on levo and couldn't get a prescription for NDT.

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So helpful! Huge thanks Shaws xx

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