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3.6 cm solid thyroid nodule

for the past 3 years i have been having my 3.6 cm solid nodule monitored with ultrasounds. i had a fna which was normal. is anyone going through this situation. is there anything i can do to shrink this. if i need surgery, can i have a partial thyroidectomy. my thyroid levels are normal. i am so tired of all of this. what has anyone gone through. thank you all.

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Afib, it's not uncommon to have several FNAs when monitoring a large single nodule but there usually comes a point when it is large enough it impacts on surrounding organs or compresses the windpipe causing breathing and swallowing difficulty and the decision may be made to remove it.

If the nodule is only on one side of the thyroid a partial thyroidectomy is usually done and the remaining thyroid lobe is expected to produce sufficient thyroid hormone without medication.

My nodule was only 2.8cm when the decision to remove it was made after an inconclusive FNA because I had difficulty swallowing and breathing.


did you have a complete thyroidectomy or partial thyroidectomy when they removed your 2.8 cm nodule. how are you doing today.


Afib, I had a partial thyroidectomy but they found Hurthle cell cancer when the tumour was biopsied so I had completion thyroidectomy 3 months later. I recovered from both ops very quickly but had problems with Levothyroxine but I'm doing well on T4+T3 now.

Removing the nodule made an instant improvement in breathing and swallowing. I was amazed when I found how much easier it is to have dental treatment when you don't have to keep stopping because you can't breath :)


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