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Confused by results & first endo appt tomo. Advice needed please!

Hey, it's me again. I'm constantly asking for advice. Anyway as post title says I'm off for my first endo appt tomo after fighting for one for literally years.

I'm trying to make sense of my recent results so I could go the appointment prepared but actually I'm just going round in circles. So I'm hoping one of you knowledgeable peeps could tell me what to ask for from endo

Test Results.

Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

378 <60.00IU/ml

Serum ferritin 16ug/L (10.00-420ug/L)

Serum vit D 39nmol

Corrected serum calcium level 2.16mmol/L (2.20-2.60mmol/L)

Serum Parathyroid hormone 8.8pmol/L (1.60-7.50pmol/L)

serum tsh level 0.08miu/L (0.3-5.00miu/L)

serum free t4 29 (9-25pmo/L)

serum free T3 7.3 (3.50-6.50pmol/L)

Cortisol is 4.37 but I wasn't given any ranges.

Hope this make sense n TIA x

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Forgot to mention that I take 225mcg Levothyroxine a day n that in Dec my tsh was in the 80's yet my dosage or the way I took it had changed x


Hey! How are you feeling?

You T4 and T3 look quite high - what are you looking for from the appointment?

Iron and Vitamin D are low so I would recommend you push or start taking supplements as once they are at a good level this will help you feel better.

Sorry, I'm really unsure regarding parathyroid x

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